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Install Pixel Using Google Tag Manager
After creating your pixel, you are ready to add the pixel code to your website. The following instructions will show you how to add your pixel code using Google Tag Manager (GTM). 

Before you begin

  • You need to have a Google Tag Manager account.
  • You need to embed the Google Tag Manager SDK into the landing page that needs to be monitored. Head over to set up and install tag manager first for how to do this, then come back here to install the pixel.


  1. Choose "Install Pixel code by 3rd party tool" and click "Next".image.png

  1. Click "Connect to a Google account" to connect your Google Tag Manager accountimage.png
  1. Select your Google Tag Manager account, container, and workspace. Then click "Next"
    1. If you want to switch to a different Google account, click "Use another Google account"image.png

  1. Once you've successfully connected your Google Tag Manager, download and install the TikTok Pixel Helper
    1. This helps you make sure the pixel is installed correctlyimage.png

In order to successfully use Google Tag Manager for one-click pixel installation, after you've connected your GTM account, be aware of the following 3 points:
  • Make sure accounts, containers, and workspaces all exist under your GTM account.
  • Make sure the website you want to track is embedded with the selected container.
  • Authorization is required to use GTM for pixel installation.

Otherwise, the following error messages will appear on the TikTok advertising platform:

  • Make sure you have followed the correct procedures and have allowed TikTok Pixel to access your Google account. If not, you will get an error message: "'Failed to obtain account information. You must authorize any access for the API.".
  • Make sure you have not deleted the account and workspace in your Google Tag Manager. If your account list is null and you have deleted the default container as well, you will get one of these error messages: "You don't have a GTM account", "Unable to find container", " Unable to find workspace".
  • In extreme cases, if the path of your first account in your list is null, then you will get an error message: "Unable to find account".
  • Even though you have connected the TikTok Pixel to your Google Tag Manager successfully, if the container you chose has not been installed onto your lading page correctly, the TikTok Pixel will not record data properly.
  • Make sure you are not installing a pixel which has already been connected to your GTM account, otherwise you will get the error message: "Pixel binding GTM failed". Please check your Google Tag Manager account to confirm whether the pixel has been installed prior (repeated installation of pixels may result in repeated event data recorded).


  • To check if the pixel has been installed correctly, download our free TikTok Pixel Helper Chrome plugin. Learn more about the TikTok Pixel Helper.
  • While events will pre-populate upon creation of the pixel, events must be defined before anything starts tracking. Learn more about how to create events.