How to Contact TikTok Business Support

Before getting started: The following information is only relevant for unmanaged accounts. If you work with an account manager, please reach out directly to them to file a support ticket.

If you encounter an issue that you need assistance resolving, you can create a ticket on TikTok Business Support, and our team of experts will help you.

For a quick overview of how to create and manage Customer Support tickets, watch the video below.

How to create a ticket

You can access TikTok Business Support at any time from TikTok Ads Manager or TikTok Business Center. To do so:

  1. Click either of the "?" icons to get Customer Support.

    Customer Support Red

  2. To get the answers you need, start by checking the "Frequently Asked Questions" section or ask specific questions to get the information you require.

    FAQ PNG Red

  3. If you can't find the answer you need, use the Contact us button to select your issue's category. For status updates on your query or ticket, click Manage Tickets.


When you will receive a response

We will always try to respond to your question as quickly as possible. However, there may be some factors that impact how soon we can reply. You should generally receive a reply within two business days.

How to receive updates and notifications

There are several ways you can receive updates about your ticket.

  • ​You can check for updates from the TikTok Business Support page by clicking All Tickets and then selecting Processing.

  • ​We will send you updates through the TikTok For Business Notification Center.

  • ​If you provided your email address when creating your ticket, you will receive emails notifying you about any updates.

  • ​In some cases, we may call you if you provided your phone number when creating your ticket.

How to manage your tickets

From TikTok Business Support, you can manage your active and closed tickets. To manage your tickets, access Business Support, and click All Tickets.

To manage your open tickets, click Processing, and then you can:

  • ​Review all your open tickets.

  • ​Send additional messages and responses.

  • ​Copy and share links to open tickets.

  • ​Close the ticket.

To manage your resolved tickets, click Resolved, and then you can:

  • ​Review all your closed tickets.

  • ​Copy and share links to closed tickets.