FAQs for Smart Performance Campaign
Last updated, May 2024

Why is Smart Performance Campaign able to outperform manual campaigns?

Smart Performance Campaign leverages all available semi-automation capabilities on TikTok that include auto-targeting, auto bidding, and auto creative. Plus, Smart Performance Campaign is also equipped with enhanced creative combination and exploration capabilities to increase overall ad liquidity.

What is the difference between Smart Performance Campaign and ACO (Automated Creative Optimization) or CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization)?

Both ACO and CBO are considered semi-automation solutions, which both contribute to Smart Performance Campaign's design.

How should I select my optimization target when using Smart Performance Campaign?

We suggest you select the most relevant goal attached to your main KPI on TikTok.

Currently, Smart Performance Campaign supports all campaign types on Android traffic.

How should I evaluate the performance of a Smart Performance Campaign?

You are able to access all campaign metrics from the campaign management list. Smart Performance Campaign also offers a metric breakdown by video and text.

Since we removed the concept of ad group and creative for the Smart Performance Campaign, there is no data available for the ad group.

Which placements does Smart Performance Campaign support?

Currently, Smart Performance Campaign only supports TikTok placement.

What if my target region requires targeting to 18+ users only?

When setting up a Smart Performance Campaign, you can choose to exclude users under the age of 18.

  • ​Please follow the ad review policy requirements and toggle on when applied.

  • ​When toggled off, SPC will deliver ads to users of all ages.


What is the targeting selection availability of Smart Performance Campaign?

Currently, Smart Performance Campaign allows setting-up Location and Language targeting. You are also able to create Custom Audiences for exclusion purposes.