What's the App Installs Objective
Last updated, May 2024

Before getting started, please note that we've consolidated app install and app conversion campaigns under the App promotion advertising objective. Learn more about what's the App promotion. To understand how App promotion is different from the previous objective, read about the new App promotion advertising objective

The App Installs objective is designed to drive more people to install your app by linking them directly to your app store page.

Here are options to consider when setting up a campaign with an app installs objective:

What's your conversion goal?

When you add your app to the Event Manager or while creating your campaign, you can optimize for app installs or other in-app events. Read more on adding your app to the Event Manager.

Do you use a third-party tracking service?

You will want to make sure you have one in order to track your app installs. Read more about using third-party tracking for app installs.

For a quick overview of the App Installs advertising objective, watch the video below.