TikTok App on Shopify FAQs
Last updated, May 2024

Before getting started: Shopify x TikTok is not available in all markets. Check the Shopify App store for availability.

How can I create a TikTok For Business account so I can use the TikTok App on Shopify?

There are 3 ways to create an account:

  1. ​Click on the Create Account button under the Settings tab in TikTok App on Shopify.

  2. ​Click on the Connect Account button under the Settings tab in TikTok App on Shopify and then click on Sign Up to register.

  3. ​Go here and click Get Started.

For more information on account creation, go here.

How can I connect my existing TikTok For Business account?

Follow the following steps to connect your account:

  1. ​Click Connect Account under the Settings tab in Shopify and enter your log in information.

  2. ​All the ad accounts that you have Admin permissions on will be displayed after connecting.

  3. ​Choose the specific account you wish to connect to Shopify and click Connect.

Why is my ad account not displayed after connecting?

You must have Admin permissions on the ad account for it to display. Click here to learn more about ad accounts permissions.

Can I connect my Shopify store to more than 1 TikTok For Business ad account?

No. Currently, you can only connect your Shopify store to 1 ad account.

What does the status next to my ad account mean in Shopify?

You will see one of three statuses.

  1. ​Not Ready: Your account is either under review or missing information, such as missing payment or business details. Click on Update to go to the account setup page in TikTok Ads Manager and fill in the required information.

  2. ​Approved: Your account has been successfully created or connected.

  3. ​Unavailable: Your account can not be used as it has been disabled voluntarily or has been removed for a violation. You will need to create a new ad account.

What will happen to my ads created in the TikTok App on Shopify if I disconnect my Pixel?

If you disconnect your Pixel, the ads you created through the TikTok App on Shopify will not be paused, but you will be unable to create new ads until you reconnect, or create, a new pixel.

Can I create TikTok ads directly from TikTok App on Shopify?

Yes, you can set up and manage conversion campaigns directly from TikTok App on Shopify.

See "How to Publish Ads from a TikTok E-Commerce Partner Platform" to get started.

What is the Conversions objective?

The Conversions Objective is designed to drive valuable actions on your website. For example, you can encourage users to register an account, opt into your offer, or make a purchase on your site.

Go here to learn more about conversion objectives.

Will I be able to preview my ads on TikTok?

Yes, you will be able to preview your ads within the TikTok App on Shopify. For more information, see How to Preview Ads.

Will ads be paused manually or automatically if the product is out of stock?

You will have to manually pause your ads if a product is out of stock.

To pause an ad, log in to TikTok Ads Manager, click Campaign, then select the Ad tab. Next, find the ad you wish to pause, and change the On/Off status to Off.

Will I be able to see all campaigns implemented via the TikTok App on TikTok Ads Manager?

You will be able to see all the campaigns created on the TikTok App on Shopify on your TikTok Ads Manager account.

Which payment methods are supported?

You may use a credit card or debit card. Available payment methods will vary based on region. For more information on payment methods, go here.

If the status of my ad credit coupon is frozen, can I still use my account's cash balance to pay for ads?

A frozen coupon will not impact your ability to use your account's cash balance to pay for ads or create campaigns.

I have more questions on the Shopify app, where can I go for help?

For questions related to the TikTok Channel App on Shopify, click the Need Help button at the top of the app page on Shopify to contact customer service.