About Multi Conversion AEO
Last updated, May 2024

Multi Conversion AEO optimizes and measures based on multiple purchase events per user. It looks for users likely to make more than one purchase and will attribute all purchases made by that user back to the campaign within a 7-day window. This is best suited for app monetization models that rely on multiple purchase events per user. This is particularly relevant for gaming apps, including social casinos, sports betting, and casual genres. Non-gaming apps can also benefit from this solution, including food delivery, dating/lifestyle, and eCommerce.

Please note that Multi Conversion AEO is only available for Android optimizing for purchase events.

For example, the Social Casino App runs a Multi Conversion AEO campaign and acquires User B. User B goes on to make 3 purchases, all sports bets. All 3 purchases are reported and factored into the total Cost Per Purchase and ROAS for that campaign.

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Product Overview

The type of AEO one chooses to run (Traditional vs Multi Conversion) is determined by the attribution setting in Attribution Manager and impacts how all Android AEO Purchase campaigns are optimized and measured in that Advertiser ID.

For information on overall AEO best practices, including Traditional AEO, refer to About App Event Optimization.

  • Statistic Type "Once" sets the Adv ID to use Traditional AEO.

  • Statistic Type "Every" sets the Adv ID to use Multi Conversion AEO.



Multi Conversion AEO takes effect at the Advertiser ID level and impacts all existing and future Android AEO Purchase campaigns associated with that Advertiser ID. The settings do not carry over to other Advertiser IDs, and they are not in effect at the app level.

For example, Adv ID 1234 switches their purchase event to "every" for the ABCD app. When they configure the ABCD app on Adv ID 5678, the "every" setting will not transfer over. It needs to be turned on in every Adv ID the advertiser would like it to be turned on.

Turning on Multi Conversion AEO will not impact historical data.

Multi Conversion AEO can be reverted to Traditional AEO at any time by toggling between "Once" and "Every" statistic type in Attribution Manager.

There is no threshold or unlocking criteria needed to use this solution. As long as an Android app is configured and purchase events are passed by MMP, any Advertiser ID is eligible to turn on Multi Conversion AEO.





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To learn more about setting up Multi Conversion App Event Optimization (AEO), refer to How to set up Multi Conversion App Event Optimization.

Multi Conversion AEO Measurement

Cost Per Purchase and ROAS are the primary KPIs by which Multi Conversion AEO performance should be measured.

Once Multi Conversion AEO is activated in Attribution manager by selecting "every" Statistic type, CPA and Conversion reflect "every" purchase logic. No extra steps need to be taken to properly view Multi Conversion AEO data in TikTok Ads Manager.

Please note that Value Based Optimization running in the same account as Multi Conversion AEO will also inherit the "every" measurement change. This impacts the way conversions are reported for VBO campaigns when "every" statistic type is selected. "Conversion" reflects all purchase conversions, not just unique purchases.