Top Ads Asset Authorization

At TikTok, we recognize high-performing ad creatives in the Top Ads section of Creative Center. Here, you can find inspiration from ads filtered by Region, Industry, Campaign Objective, and other criteria. 

Top Ads asset authorization is the process in which advertisers grant TikTok permission to showcase their creative assets and related performance data on Creative Center. A sufficient pool of authorized creatives helps Creative Center provide more value and showcase relevant examples to its users.

To Grant Creative Authorization

Via TikTok Ads Manager

  1. ​Log in to your TikTok Ads Manager account, create a campaign, and complete an Ad Group.

  2. ​At the Ad Level, ensure that the Asset Authorization Checkbox is checked before submitting your ad for review.

To deny creative authorization, simply uncheck the Asset Authorization Checkbox.


  • ​The Asset Authorization Checkbox is only available for campaigns with TikTok chosen as a Placement. Smart Performance Campaign (SPC) creatives are not eligible for authorization.

  • The Asset Authorization Checkbox is checked by default.

Via TikTok Creative Center

Asset Authorization can also occur in Creative Center as a pop-up notification. If a user logs into Creative Center with their TikTok for Business Account and their linked ad accounts have eligible Top Ads, we will show the advertiser's unauthorized videos in a pop-up where they can authorize them for Top Ads if desired. The pop-up will appear once a week while eligible, until authorized.

To Withdraw Creative Authorization

Should you want any previously-authorized ad(s) to be removed from Top Ads on Creative Center, please follow the following steps:

  1. ​Go to the Creative Center and log in to your TikTok For Business account.

  2. ​Open your Personal Profile and select Ad Authorization Management.

  3. ​Click the Withdraw button for selected creatives and confirm the removal.

    • In Top Ads: This creative is in the Top Ads section of the Creative Center.

    • Not in Top Ads: This creative is not in the Top Ads section of the Creative Center, as it doesn't meet the eligibility requirements, or has expired.

As a reminder, should you not want your ads to appear in Creative Center in the future, ensure that the checkbox in the TikTok Ads Manager ad setup remains unchecked. If you have any issues removing your Top Ad from Creative Center, reach out to your TikTok representative.

Authorization Details

  • ​We only share the creatives that have already been published in advertising campaigns – the Ads Materials.

  • ​You hereby grant TikTok and its affiliates a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to reproduce, publish, broadcast, transmit, perform, display, distribute, public perform, public display, exhibit, disseminate or otherwise exploit (collectively, Use) the Ads Materials (including any and all elements therein), in whole or in part, and in any form, as a model case in connection with any and all promotion, marketing or advertising activities of TikTok products and services via TikTok For Business Creative Center.

  • ​You hereby also grant Creative Center a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to Use the names, logos, trademarks, service marks or images of us necessary for the Use of Ads Materials for the purposes of this Letter.


Why did TikTok For Business launch the Asset Authorization for Top Ads?

The feature was launched to build a creative database and provide creative inspiration to Creative Center users.

How will TikTok For Business use authorized creatives?

The authorized creatives will be displayed in Creative Center. For creative copyright purposes, the creatives will be watermarked and will not be available for download.

What is the benefit of giving creative authorization to TikTok?

Massive exposure to the Creative Center audience and opportunities to improve brand awareness.