Keyword Insights
Last updated, May 2024

Keyword Insights is an insights tool that highlights top keywords and phrases from TikTok ads to inspire users with ad copy and creative messaging ideas. Filter by Region, Industry, and more to discover top-performing and commonly-used keywords, notice how those keywords were used in the context of ad copy, and view real ads that used those top keywords. Use Keyword Insights to discover ways to articulate your business's value proposition, and save time and resources when ideating for your next TikTok ad.

How to use Keyword Insights

Before you begin

Note that Keyword Insights is only available on the Desktop version of Creative Center.

When to use Keyword Insights

  • Find inspiration for developing your ad script and copy.

  • Discover ways to articulate your business's value proposition.

  • Learn which keywords and phrases are popular and top-converting in your category.

Steps to use Keyword Insights

  1. Go to Creative Center on Desktop, click Inspiration, and select Keyword Insights.

  2. If you have a specific keyword you're looking for, directly use the search bar. If not, skip this step.

  3. Filter your search by Region, Industry, Objective, Keyword Type, and Time frame.

  4. Toggle the data visualization for either a table view and a visual wordcloud.

  5. In the table view, sort Keyword ranking by clicking the arrows next to any metric.

  6. Click Details next to any keyword to learn more about its use in ad copy and to see examples of ads where the keyword appeared.

  7. On the Details page, see the selected keyword in the context of a phrase, or see how it was used within ads. Also watch Related videos, if available, to see the keywords used in action.

  8. Scroll down to see Related Keywords and Related Hashtags to see popular keywords and hashtags that were also used in ads containing the selected keyword.


What are "Keywords"?

Keywords and phrases are sourced from TikTok ads' voice-over audio, text overlay on the ad, and caption text on the ad. Then, the keywords are organized so that users can learn from commonly-used and top-performing keywords to inform ad copy development.

How do I interpret the metrics shown?

All metrics are approximate and not exact performance numbers. We apply algorithms to keep accurate keyword ranking order while protecting business-sensitive data. Metrics should not be used for benchmarking purposes and cannot infer projected ad performance.

Which keyword languages are included in Keyword Insights?

Keyword Insights fully detects English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Indonesian, Arabic, Italian, Thai and Malay keywords. We are working on expanding to more languages in the future, so in some regions, you may not see local-language keywords at this time. There may be instances where you see non-local language keywords after filtering for your country if brands have run campaigns targeting your selected country without localizing the language of the ad itself.

How do I apply what I learn from Keyword Insights to my creatives?

When considering what to say in your voiceover, text overlay or caption, browse Keyword Insights to find some top keywords to include based on what's popular and/or converting. You may also come here to discover different ways to articulate your product's value proposition.

Is the Keyword Insights data derived from both organic and paid posts?

Keyword Insights' data is derived from paid (TikTok ads) posts and does not include organic-only posts.