Top Products
Last updated, May 2024

Top Products highlights trending products featured in TikTok ads to help advertisers identify which products to showcase in their creatives. Browse commonly-featured and top-converting products in your respective region/country and category, and also see real ad examples that feature the product.

How to use Top Products

Before you begin

Note that Top Products is only available on the Desktop version of Creative Center.

When to use Top Products

  • Learn which consumer products are driving action on TikTok in your region or category.

  • Find opportunities to push product sales based on what's trending.

  • Gain insight into the audience interested in a particular product category.

  • Identify which product(s) to feature in your creatives.

Steps to use Top Products

  1. Go to Creative Center on Desktop, click Inspiration, and go to Top Products.

  2. If you have a specific product you're looking for, directly use the search button. If not, skip this step.

  3. Filter your search by Region, Category, and Time frame.

  4. Toggle between Subcategory- and Product-level view by clicking on the header in the first column.

  5. Sort Product ranking by clicking the arrows next to any metric.

  6. Click Details next to any product to find more information about the product's performance trends, audience insights, and related videos.

  7. On the "Details" page, click Performance Analytics to compare performance over time. Click up to 2 metrics to see their trendline in the graph below over the time frame selected.

  8. Below the graph, watch related ads that featured the product.

  9. Also on the "Details" page, click Audience Insights to learn more about the "Age range" and "Related interests" of those interested in the product.

  10. At the bottom of the page, see Related hashtags, which are hashtags commonly used in ads featuring the selected product.


What are "Products"?

Products are consumer products or goods such as wallets, shoes, headphones, or shampoos, for example. Top Products identifies products featured in real TikTok ads, then we organize them by region and category so that you can learn from commonly-used and top-performing products to inform your strategy.

How do I interpret the metrics shown?

All metrics are approximate and not exact performance numbers. We apply algorithms to keep accurate ranking order while protecting business-sensitive data. Metrics should not be used for benchmarking purposes and cannot infer projected ad performance.

Is the Top Products data derived from both organic and paid posts?

Top Products' data is derived from paid (TikTok ads) posts and does not include organic-only posts.