Bidding Best Practices

Other companies like yourself are targeting the same audience. This can get competitive and who gets that limited ad space is determined through bidding in an auction. How you decide to bid is more strategic than you think.

Bidding too low can mean your ads are not getting delivered and bidding too high can be a losing business model, but by following these best practices, you'll have a leg up on nailing your bidding strategy.

Tips for Getting Started

  • ​We suggest selecting Bid Cap or Cost Cap as your bid strategy if controlling your daily cost per results is most important to you.

  • ​When you are running a Conversion campaign with Conversion as your optimization goal, we suggest selecting Lowest Cost as your bid strategy, if consuming your daily budget is most important to you.

  • ​When Bid Cap or Cost Cap is your bid strategy, we recommend you set your bid as your target cost per acquisition (CPA).

  • If you are running an App Install campaign and want to optimize it based on users taking a specific action in your app, we recommend using App Event Optimization (AEO). For AEO, your bid should be set as your target CPA.

Tips for Optimization

  • ​Choosing Accelerated as the delivery type won't help you increase the amount of budget you consume, it only increases how fast you spend your budget.

  • ​We suggest you increase your budget if you are noticing that the daily CPA is continuously below your bid. This is what marketers live for, and means you are acquiring users below the amount you were willing to pay. Increase your budget to scale up this winning strategy.