Suggested Bid
Last updated, May 2024


  • The suggested bid feature is available for all advertisers using the Reach or Video View Objectives, and it is in beta for oCPC objectives

  • For more details on the use of the suggested bid for reach and video view objectives, please see Simplified Bidding UI for Brand Auction

Suggested Bid is an essential component of TikTok Ads Manager's smart optimization suite that leverages machine-learning technology to optimize your ad campaigns. Based on your ad settings and historical delivery data, Suggested Bid will provide you with a customized bid recommendation to maximize your ad group's performance.

Who's it for?

  • Quick forecasting: If you're new to TikTok, we recommend using the suggested bid as a way to get more relevant and timely estimates for campaign planning.

Working Logic

Once you've completely filled out the information, the ad system will estimate an optimal bid for your ad based on your existing settings and historical data. The following dimensions will be considered:

  • Ad settings: Category, conversion goal, bidding method, targeting, etc.

  • Historical data: CPA, CTR, CVR, etc. of the ads and account


Will the suggested bid for the ad change after the ad is created?

Yes. By creating the ad, the ad system will make a comprehensive judgment based on the historical data of the account and the ad settings, and give preliminary suggestions. After accumulating a certain amount of delivery data, the system will combine the current delivery data of the ad to suggest a new optimal bid. You can check the new suggested bid on the ad group edit page.

After adopting the system bid for the first time, will the bid automatically change as the suggested bid re-calculates?

No, bid changes will only take effect once, and your bid won't be changed in the future.

Can I get the Suggested Bid when creating an ad through the Marketing API?

Yes, this feature is available through the Marketing API.