About TikTok Shop Ads Setup in Seller Center
Last updated, March 2024

Before getting started: The Shop Ads setup feature in TikTok Seller Center is already available for all TikTok Shops.

How to Set Up TikTok Shop Ads in Seller Center

If you don't have a TikTok Shop yet, create one in TikTok Seller Center.

For a brief overview of how to enable ads on TikTok Seller Center, watch the video below.

1. Set up account information

  • Go to your TikTok Seller Center, click Ads on the left, and begin the setup.

  • Click Create account and Confirm. Before confirming, you may choose to connect an existing ad account. Otherwise, a new ad account will be created:

    Create account JPG

  • Or, click Connect to an existing Business Center. You may choose to connect an existing ad account. Otherwise, create a new ad account:

    Connect JPG

2. Link TikTok Account

  • Click Link TikTok account and complete the steps, then click Create campaign:

    Link TikTok account JPG

3. Create and publish your ads.

  • Navigate to Ads and click Create campaign. In TikTok Ads Manager, always select Product Sales as your campaign objective and TikTok Shop as product source. Then, complete the ad settings and publish your ad.

    Create and publish your ads GIF

See Getting Started with LIVE Shopping Ads, Getting Started with Video Shopping Ads and Advertise Using Product Images from TikTok Shop for more information.