Advertise using product images from TikTok Shop
Last updated, May 2024

About Product Shopping Ads

Before you start: The Product Shopping Ads feature in TikTok Ads Manager is automatically available to all TikTok Shops sellers in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United States.

We have introduced Product Shopping Ads (PSA). TikTok users see product images in Shopping Center and Search. The product images and product information are automatically taken from the advertised product's Product Details Page (PDP). Upon clicking the ad, users land on the corresponding PDP.

No additional content development is needed. Benefit from dynamic product optimization from among all products or specific products. Leverage ads machine learning to automatically optimize the distribution of product images across placements and across relevant search keywords.

Steps to use Product Shopping Ads

Step 1. Create a new campaign

  1. Go to TikTok Ads Manager and start a new Campaign.

  2. From the Campaign creation page, select Product Sales as the objective.

  3. Select TikTok Shop as the Product Source, then complete the campaign settings.

Create a new campaign GIF

Step 2. Set up an ad group

  1. Choose Product Shopping Ads as ad type.

    Product Shopping Ads GIF

  2. Product Shopping Ads feature automatically surfaces ads in the following placements:

    • Shopping Center

    • Search

  3. For Targeting, ensure that your Age selection is set to 18+. For search placements, the system will dynamically determine relevant search keywords.

  4. The following full-funnel optimization goal options are available:

    • Gross revenue

    • Purchases

    • Clicks

  5. The following bidding options are available:

    • Highest Gross revenue / lowest cost

    • Set minimum ROAS / cost cap

  6. Complete the rest of the Ad Group settings, then click Next.

Step 3. Create your Ads

Product selection options:

  1. All products mean that the system will automatically choose the most relevant product(s) from the shop to advertise to TikTok users.

    All products JPG

  2. Specific products mean that the system will choose from within the list of product(s) that the advertiser manually selected (1-50), to advertise to TikTok users.

    Specific products JPG

  3. Click Submit.


  • After ad delivery starts, any product that goes out of stock will automatically not be advertised, and will also automatically be eligible to be advertised after the product is in stock again.

  • The ads automatically use the latest PDP image and information. PDP image and information is managed by the TikTok Shop in the Seller Center.

  • Each Ad Group can only contain one Ad. If you want to create multiple Ads, please create more Ad Groups.

Read reporting & optimize

  1. See reporting overview and breakdown by campaign.

    • Metrics available:

      • Total cost

      • Product page views (Shop)

      • Adds to cart (Shop)

      • Checkouts initiated (Shop)

      • Purchases (Shop)

      • Gross revenue (Shop)

      • ROAS (Shop)

      • Impressions

      • Clicks

      • CPM

      • CPC

      • Cost per purchase (Shop)

      • CTR

      • Purchase rate (Shop)

      • Average order value (Shop)

  2. Edit ad group if needed.