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About App Event Optimization
Note: Part of App Event Optimization (AEO) is still in beta and only available for select accounts which have met specific criteria. Please contact the client service team (CST) or account manager (AM) in your region if you are interested in getting access to App Event Optimization.

What is AEO?

As the app market continues to expand, marketers are looking for new, creative ways to give themselves an edge in this increasingly competitive landscape. 

You've probably asked questions like... How do I acquire the right users that will add value to my business? How do I increase engagement in a world of ever decreasing attention spans? How do I increase my user base while still controlling costs?

You're not alone in asking these questions. In fact, every business owner or marketer should be thinking about them. At TikTok Ads Manager, we are continuously developing new tools that help people solve important business problems.

App Event Optimization is one of those tools that helps advertisers more efficiently acquire users who have a greater chance to trigger a selected event. Acquiring these high-value users is a key consideration for businesses when improving LTV and ROI.

For example, let's say you (an advertiser) want to obtain more users who have a higher willingness to pay, so you can improve the paid performance and ROI data of your app. By choosing "Purchase" as the target event, AEO can help you achieve your expected outcome.

What We Provide

We classify a large number of apps in the market and provide matching optimization events according to the needs of different categories. At the same time, for different levels of events, there are corresponding optimization solutions available.

In-App Events Categories

  1. Shallow-funnel events
  • The triggering action and the postback of these events will occur 1-2 days after the installation. Because the events are shallow and the volume of potential users is relatively large, it is easier to obtain more of these events in a shorter time frame, helping to speed up the optimization learning period.
  • Shallow events: login, register, view content, etc.
  1. Deep-funnel events
  • The triggering action and postback time of deep events cannot be predicted. As the volume of potential users are relatively smaller in scale and more difficult to acquire, advertisers will need to be more patient when using deep event optimization. As you get more triggered events, the system will gradually accelerate the learning period and increase the number of completed target events.
  • Deep events: purchase, loan apply, subscribe, etc.

AEO Solutions

For different categories of app advertisers, we provide several solutions to meet your optimization needs.

  1. In-app Event Optimization 
  • By adopting this solution, advertisers can bid for certain events and the system will optimize the target events directly. It is suitable for advertisers who care more about CPA rather than CPI.
  • Scenarios: Gaming clients who care about cost per purchase. Financial clients who care about cost per loan application.
  1. Auto Bid Optimization 
  • By adopting this solution, advertisers can only bid for install cost, and the system will improve the event performance as much as possible within the bid cost according to the conversion cost set by advertisers. It is particularly useful for advertisers who want to achieve a certain amount of events while prioritizing cost control.
  • Scenarios: Advertisers who care about conversions. Agencies who care about controlling cost per install.