Script Generator
Last updated, May 2024

Script Generator is a free TikTok ad script generation tool that helps TikTok advertisers in their creative development by providing scripts containing hook, body and call-to-action scenes in seconds.

Provide a few inputs about your brand or product, further customize your script based on video format, keyword and duration, and then let Script Generator do its magic! Review the generated scripts, then copy, refine or take what you need to create your next TikTok.

How to use Script Generator

Before You Begin

This feature is only available on the Desktop version of Creative Center.

When to use Script Generator

  • Spark script ideas for your next TikTok ad in just seconds.

  • Discover multiple ways to articulate your brand's value proposition on TikTok.

  • Generate ad scripts for various video techniques, formats and lengths.

Steps to use Script Generator

  1. Click Creative Tools on the top navigation, then click Script Generator.

  2. Select an Industry.

  3. Input your Brand and/or Product name.

  4. Provide a brief Product description so that Script Generator has more context about your brand and product.

  5. Expand the advanced settings section and select a Video format.

  6. Input up to five must-have Keywords that you'd like to appear in the script.

  7. Select an ad Duration of how long you want your script to be.

  8. Click Generate scripts, and wait for Script Generator to provide you with three initial outputs.

  9. Review the generated scripts to find one that is suitable for your brand and objective.

  10. Provide feedback on the script quality by clicking the thumbs-up/down button.

  11. Click Copy to copy the script to your clipboard.

  12. Click Generate more to request additional script variations.


What languages does Script Generator support?

Script Generator only supports English inputs and outputs at this time.

How do I use a generated script to make an ad?

Script Generator is not an end-to-end video creation tool, however, we recommend using CapCut or your preferred video editing tool to take the scripts and build your next TikTok.

How do I edit or refine the script?

If you'd like to further refine the script, you can make adjustments to your original inputs, such as fine-tuning your product description, keywords or video format, and then regenerate script ideas. Alternatively, feel free to click Copy next to any script and make edits outside of Creative Center.

Legal Disclaimer: Script content is generated automatically based on information provided by you. TikTok does not make any promises or guarantees regarding the content generated by Script Generator. It is solely your decision whether to utilize and/or publish content created using the Script Generator in any ad or other material. You are solely responsible for any content created using Script Generator, including ensuring that such content is accurate and complies with applicable laws and regulations, and this content is not endorsed, sponsored, or approved by TikTok. The information you submit will be shared with our third-party service provider to generate the content created by Script Generator. Please do not share any personal, sensitive or confidential information.