About App Event Optimization
Last updated, July 2024

As the global app market matures, you may be thinking beyond the install event to maximize user Life Time Value (LTV) and Return on Investment (ROI). This change means finding new people who will not only install but go on to trigger specific, valuable in-app events, such as Purchase, Subscribe, and Achieve Level. App Event Optimization (AEO) provides the power to do just that, all while controlling costs.

A travel app has a high install volume but low customer LTV. By introducing AEO into their user acquisition strategy, this app can set Purchase as the key event they would like to optimize for in a campaign. TikTok will use data insights to deliver ads to people who fit the target criteria and show a high disposition to purchase.

Similarly, a gaming app can select Achieve Level to find people who are likely to reach a level that was deemed valuable.