Choosing a Special Ad Category

Special Ad Category Toggle

Advertisers offering housing, employment and/or credit opportunities in the United States or Canada should identify their campaign using the Special Ad Category Toggle when setting up their campaign. More details about what kind of housing, employment and/or credit ads are included in the Special Ad Categories can be found in our Housing, Employment, and Credit Ad Policy. This policy is designed to protect our users and will be enforced to help prevent the use of our platform in a discriminatory manner. 

Create a Special Ad Category campaign

To create a Special Ad Category campaign:

  1. ​Go to TikTok Ads Manager and create or open an existing campaign

  2. ​Select Special Ad Categories

  3. ​Choose the appropriate category that applies to your campaign

Targeting Tools for Special Ad Categories

By using the Special Ad Category Toggle, certain targeting capabilities are limited or unavailable for housing, employment, and/or credit ads for advertisers based in the United States and for advertisers targeting the United States or Canada. The limitation will apply to: age, gender, zip code, device price, lookalike audiences, certain audience tool for exclusion, automatic targeting, targeting expansion and targeting recommendation. Certain interests will also be unavailable when the advertiser creates its audience.


•​Age: 18+ only

•​Gender: Not allowed

•​Location: Zip code targeting not allowed


•​Device Price: Not allowed


•​Lookalike audience: Not allowed

•​Hashtag based audience for exclusion: Not allowed

•​Premium audience for exclusion: Not allowed

Interest & Behavior

•​Limited interest targeting

•​Interest keywords: Not allowed

•​Hashtag targeting: Not allowed

Targeting Mode

•​Automatic Targeting: Not allowed

Targeting Expansion

•​Targeting expansion: Not allowed

Targeting Recommendation

•​Targeting recommendations will not appear