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Changes that Trigger the Review Process
The following changes to previously approved ads or ad groups will trigger a new review process.

Ad Account
Business Name
Promotion Link
Business Verification (Optional)
Business License Certificate
Business License Number
Ad Group
Profile Image
Display Name
URL (Landing Page URL or App Store URL )
Image Creative 
Video Creative 
Adding New Creative 
Cover Image / Video
Ad Copy / Ad Text
Call-to-Action Button

For example, Advertiser A edits the URL of Ad Group B which currently has an active status. At this time, the system's review process will be activated. During the review period, Ad Group B will remain active. 

If the change has been approved, Ad Group B will be modified successfully and the new URL will be in effect. However, if the review fails, Ad group B will be paused.

To learn more about the different status meanings, see View Campaign, Ad group or Ad Status.