Actor Policy
Last updated, May 2024

1. Overview

As an advertiser, you take on a central role in ensuring the success of campaigns. This article equips you with the tools to drive campaign success by outlining crucial rules and guidelines on our actor policy and by shedding light on the evaluation methods used to assess actor/advertiser behavior. Our actor policies cover any and all actors, content, or behaviors that attempt to bypass, circumvent, or interfere with our policies or moderation processes and systems.

2. General information on our policies

To protect the integrity and authenticity of our community, we do not allow advertisers to:

  1. Circumvent or interfere with our advertising systems and processes. This can include trying to bypass the established rules or mechanisms in place for advertising on TikTok, attempting to manipulate the system for personal gain, or engaging in behaviors that disrupt the platform's ad-related operations.

  2. Promote content that aims to deceive or mislead users.

  3. Exploit our advertising network, such as promoting high volumes of identical or similar content from one or multiple accounts and attempting to display multiple ads simultaneously.

  4. Manipulate ad components to evade detection or enforcement actions.

  5. Feature the likeness of a public figure to mislead users into buying an inauthentic product.

  6. Attempt to circumvent or bypass established payment processes.

    • You must pay for advertising activity with legitimate and approved payment methods.

    • You must adhere to our payment requirements to avoid a potential account suspension.

3. Actor behavior evaluation methods

At TikTok, we are committed to maintaining a safe and trustworthy advertising environment for our users and advertising partners. We value transparency and prioritize responsible advertising practices. To ensure the integrity of our platform, we reserve the right to evaluate and assess the behavior of advertisers using third-party information methods.