TikTok Advertiser Tools and Related Terms Overview
Last updated, May 2024

TikTok Advertiser Tools are technologies offered by TikTok that help advertisers, publishers, developers, and others:

  • Integrate with TikTok technology

  • Better reach people who use or might be interested in their products or services

  • Measure their ad campaigns

TikTok Advertiser Tools include:

  • TikTok Pixel

  • TikTok Custom Audience

  • Lead Generation

  • Our APIs

TikTok Business Products (Data) Terms

TikTok Business Products (Data) Terms are the main terms that govern the use of the TikTok Advertiser Tools. These terms set out the core data protection requirements that apply to anybody who uses TikTok Advertiser Tools (or other partners) to share data with TikTok. These terms also describe the purposes for which TikTok uses the data collected through TikTok Advertiser Tools.

Jurisdiction-Specific Terms

Local data protection law requirements, like the GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, and other applicable US state privacy laws, are governed under a supplemental set of Jurisdiction-Specific Terms. These apply, where applicable, in addition to the main TikTok Business Products (Data) Terms for the relevant TikTok Advertiser Tools. Among other things, they clarify the respective legal roles of the parties under local data protection laws; for example, whether TikTok is a joint controller, independent controller, or data processor for the data processing of user data relating to individuals in the EU, EFTA States or the United Kingdom, and when TikTok acts as a service provider or processor with respect to personal information collected from US residents under applicable state privacy laws.

Custom Audiences (Customer File) Terms

Our Custom Audiences (Customer File) Terms apply when advertisers upload contact details about their audiences for custom audience creation on TikTok. These require TikTok to act only as a processor under GDPR, and service provider or processor under applicable US state privacy laws where permitted, for the relevant advertiser when processing contact details for custom audience creation. They also clarify that businesses are responsible for their own relationships with any independent data partners.