Targeting Recommendation
Last updated, May 2024

About Targeting Recommendation

Targeting Recommendation is a feature on TikTok Ads Manager that lets you identify relevant audiences for your ads. When you are setting up your ad group's targeting, it will provide you with a collection of recommended Interest & Behavior categories from the audience most likely to contribute to your campaign's advertising objective. 

How Targeting Recommendation works

TikTok Ads Manager will analyze the performance of similar ad groups from similar advertisers along with the performance of existing ad groups in the same account, which will be included and analyzed. Based on the analysis, it will recommend a list of Interest & Behavior categories of the audience most likely to convert.

Apply Targeting Recommendation

For the feature to appear, you will first need to select a location for your ad group. After choosing a location, you can enable Targeting Recommendation under the Ad Group > Targeting > Interest & Behavior module.

Here you will see "Recommended categories".


  1. To see the category description and audience size, hover over a Recommended category.

  2. To add a category to the targeted interests, click the category name.

  3. To display the full list of recommended categories, select Show All.

  4. To add all the categories to the targeted interests, click Select All.


Why did Targeting Recommendation not show when I'm editing an ad group?

Please confirm you have specified the targeting countries/regions and the account you are editing is not a brand-new account.

If the function does not show after you confirmed the account and ad group status, there is not sufficient industry data in the advertiser's targeting market for Targeting Recommendations.

Can I apply Targeting Recommendation to an activated ad group or a group that has completed setup?

No, when the ad group has been edited, Targeting Recommendation UI will not show up.