TikTok Interactive Add-on: Gesture
Last updated, May 2024


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This product is available on Reach & Frequency, Auction Reach, and Auction 6s Focused View.

  • ​Video length requirement: must be no less than 8s, suggest more than 15s. For video creative ad specification, please see TikTok Reservation In-feed (Including Reach & Frequency).

  • ​Supported Gesture: click, linear slide, curve slide

  • ​Gesture guidance text: 27 EN characters(13 characters for CN, JP, KR)

    • ​Half-width characters occupy 1 character space.

    • ​Full-width characters occupy 2 character spaces.

    • ​Emojis, "{ }", @, # cannot be used

    • ​Doesn't support any links in the ad caption.

    • ​Avoid bar code, stock code, Facebook ID, Instagram ID, Whatsapp ID, Messenger or other social media info

  • ​Gesture guidance pop-up time: can only be set for after 3s of ad playing, but 5s before the ad finishes playing for Reach & Frequency, Auction Reach; and need to set for after 6s of ad playing, but 5s before the ad finishes playing for Auction 6s Focused View.

  • ​Gesture position setting: set up the position where the gesture appears.

  • ​Slide length setting: set up the length using slide gestures.

  • ​Slide angle setting: The slide angle needs to be within the red-marked angle.

  • ​Gesture pop-up background music (compulsory)

    • ​Length: 6s

    • ​Size: less than or equal to 100KB

    • ​Suggest being consistent with video ad background music.

    • ​Supported format: .mp3

  • ​Card image:

    • ​Dimension: 620*788px

    • ​File size: less than or equal to 3MB

    • ​Format: .jpg/.jpeg/.png/.gif

    • ​Please make sure to include the CTA button element design at the bottom of the card at 620*168px to guide users to click.

    • ​Avoid pure white or transparent design.

General Notes

  • Please use the preview tool to play and see the actual effect.

  • ​Ad assets cannot be changed or replaced once the campaign goes live.

  • ​Gestures must be used with in-feed ads, and cannot be used with other interactive add-ons at the same time for one creative.

  • ​Please follow the in-feed ad specs for in-feed ads creatives preparation.

  • ​Card URL directly leverages the ad CTA button URL, doesn't need to be input separately, and URL rules follow in-feed ads URL rules.

  • ​The gesture does not support third-party tracking independently.

  • For ad policy rules, please see TikTok Advertising Policies - Ad Creatives & Landing Page.