Interactive Add-on: Display Card for Auction Ads and Reach & Frequency
Last updated, May 2024

Display Card is an interactive add-on product that lets you include cards within your in-feed video ads. You can use these cards to highlight important messages, share exclusive offers, and drive traffic to your website or app.


Display Card availability is dependent on your ad buying type.

  • ​For Reach & Frequency and Auction ads, all objectives support Display Card.

  • ​For Brand Auction, the following objectives support Display Card:

    • ​App Install

    • ​Traffic

    • ​Conversion

    • ​Reach

    • ​Video Views

Note: Currently, only allowlisted advertisers will be able to use this feature for Brand Auction, please consult your local sales team for the allowlist rules.

About Display Card

The Display Card add-on lets you add an additional customized image to your in-feed video ad. Once the display card appears in the ad, it will function as a CTA button that drives traffic to your website or app download page.

Note: Reach & Frequency campaigns can also use the Display Card to drive traffic to an internal landing page on TikTok, like a Hashtag Challenge, Branded Effect, or account profile page.

Interactive Add-on Display Card for Auction Ads and Reach & Frequency-PNG1
Interactive Add-on: Display Card for Auction Ads and Reach & Frequency-PNG2
Interactive Add-on Display Card for Auction Ads and Reach & Frequency-PNG3

How to create Display Card ads


  1. ​Create a new campaign.

  2. ​Select Reach & Frequency as the Ad Buying type and pick an advertising objective. Or select Auction as the buying type and choose the Traffic, Conversions, or App Installs objective.

  3. ​Set up your ad group and then continue to ad creation.

  4. ​Enable the Identity toggle to create a Spark ad or turn it off to create a non-Spark ad.

  5. ​Select Single Video as the Ad Format.

  6. ​Complete your ad creative: video, ad text, link, and call to action.

  7. ​Under Interactive Add-ons, click Create.

  8. ​From the Interactive Add-on pop-up, choose Card, and select Display Card, and click Confirm.

  9. ​Next, click +Upload Image and select the image you want to use as your Display Card, then click Confirm.

  10. ​When you are ready to publish your ad click Submit on the ad creation page.

For more information about Display Card ad specifications, see TikTok Reservation Display Cards.