Common Reasons Ads Fail Review
Last updated, May 2024

To create a safe and authentic experience for our users, we hold advertisers to a high standard for the content they promote on our platforms. To do this, we review each ad to ensure it complies with our ad creative policies and local regulations.

To ensure your ads get approved, we've put together a list of the top reasons why ads fail our review.

The ad makes exaggerated, overstated, or misleading claims about product performance

For example, ads that made a similar claim would fail review:

  • "Use this service and get married in 3 days."

  • "100% natural herbal cream cures all diseases."

  • "NO.1 app in the whole world."

Common Reasons Ads Fail Review-image1

Issues with the ad's text or caption

For example, ads with the following text issues in the ad or the ad caption would fail review:

  • Spelling errors like "rfom" instead of "from"

  • Excessive and distracting capitalization “S.a.L.e”

  • Using symbols in place of letters like "S@le"

  • Incomplete text in videos/pictures

  • Grammar mistakes

  • Text/logos that have been covered by stickers/mosaic

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Issues with video/image, and audio quality

For example, ads with the following video/images and audio quality issues would fail review:

  • Low-resolution and blurry video/image.

  • Part of a video/image is covered up with black bars or pixelation.

  • The video does not have any audio or sound.

  • The audio quality is so poor that it is difficult to understand

Common Reasons Ads Fail Review-image3

The products and prices in the ad are not consistent or relevant to the products and prices on the promoted website

For example, ads will the following inconsistencies in the ad and product website would fail review:

  • The ad is irrelevant to the product website. For example, the ad introduces product A in the image/video, but shows product B on the website.

  • The ad states there is a discount of "Up to 50% off", but the website states there is only a discount of "Up to 30% off".

  • The website is too vague to determine if the ad is relevant to the products featured on the promoted website. For example, an ad that features a "clothing brand" but the website features generic images of a "large city", would be rejected.

Common Reasons Ads Fail Review-image4

The promoted website does not function properly or contain information required by local regulations

For example, ads with the following issues with the promoted website would fail review:

  • Websites that do not function properly or come up as a 404 page.

  • Websites that are not mobile-friendly.

  • Websites that do not contain contact info.

  • Websites that do not have a clearly stated privacy policy.

  • E-Commerce sites that do not have a clearly stated refund or return policy.

Common Reasons Ads Fail Review-image5

The Ad contains a third-party logo

For example, ads that use any unauthorized third-party logo would fail review:

  • Ads that feature the TikTok Logo

  • Ads that claim the product is a "TikTok Bestseller"

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The Ad contains sexual or shocking content

For example, ads that use sexual or shocking content in the following way would fail review:

  • Ads that show suggestive or sexually provocative scenes and behavior.

  • Ads that show gruesome or graphic images that are likely to shock or scare users.

For more information, see Advertising Policies - Ad Creatives.