About in-development metrics
Last updated, June 2024

For some metrics on TikTok Ads Manager, the definition may include text that says, "This metric is in development." These are metrics that we are still testing and may make adjustments as we figure out the best way to measure them. Usually, we publish these metrics to get more feedback from our users and iterate on the best definition for the metric.

We regularly revisit our metric definitions and remove this disclaimer when we are out of the testing or development phase and have established a standard or static definition for the metric. You may use in-development metrics as a directional guide for business planning purposes and to gauge ad performance. Since the definition might have changed from the past for these metrics, it is important that you do not compare them over a period of time, for example, QoQ, YoY, or other comparisons.

In-development metrics include (but are not limited to):

  • Secondary Goal Result - Allowlist only

  • Cost per Secondary Goal Result - Allowlist only

  • Secondary Goal Result Rate - Allowlist only

  • Estimated reach by dimension - currently under Allowlist

  • Cross-campaign Reach - currently under Allowlist

  • Estimated audience size by dimension