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How to create a Custom report
Last updated: July 2024

Reports help you view, organize, and analyze your data. Large amounts of data can be easily put into tables and charts to better help you visualize your results and spot meaningful patterns and trends. Your reports can be found under the Analytics menu at the top of TikTok Ads Manager under Custom reports. Custom reports are ideal to use if you wish to create reports according to your specifications.

Note: You can see search terms and custom reports by going to Dimension, clicking Targeting, and selecting Ad Type. To learn more about Search Ads Toggle, refer to About Search Ads Toggle, FAQs for Search Ads Toggle, and About negative keyword match types.

How to create a custom report in TikTok Ads Manager

To create a custom report:

  1. Click Custom reports under the Analytics menu at the top of your TikTok Ads Manager dashboard.

    Create custom report
  2. Click Create on the Reporting page, and then select Custom report.

  3. Opening the Custom reports page will show you a list of Dimensions and Metrics on the left.

    • Dimensions: Related to groupings of your data. Dimensions appear as rows in your report. For example, campaigns, ad groups, ads, placements, etc.

    • Metrics: Related to ad performance data. Metrics appear as columns in your report. For example, CPM, CPC, CTR, and CVR.

  4. Select the preferred dimensions and metrics you wish to display in your report.

    1. Once selected, they will automatically be shown on the screen.

  5. With your chosen data, select the time range for your data.

    • You can select the data from yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, or enter a custom date.

    • In addition to a simple pivot table, you can alternatively view your report through a Trend line. Open the Pivot table drop-down menu and select Trend line.

  6. To save your report, click Save and name your report.

Once you have created a custom report, you can choose between the following download options:

  • Scheduled Running: Set a schedule to receive automatically generated reports that are delivered via email.

  • Run & Export: Immediately run your report for export and download.