Interactive Add-on: How to Create an Ad With a Voting Sticker
Last updated, May 2024

Before Getting Started: The Voting Sticker feature supports Reach, Video Views, Traffic, Conversions, Community Interaction, and App Installs advertising objectives under Auction Buying Type; and Reach, Traffic and Video Views objectives under Reach & Frequency Buying Type

About Voting Sticker Ads

The Voting Sticker Interactive Add-on allows you to add a voting topic and two options to your video ad and to increase user engagement and collect information. A Voting Sticker will appear in the ads for the entire time, and can't be closed before the ad is finished playing. Once the Voting Sticker appears within the ad on TikTok, the viewers can click Option A or Option B to vote and see the latest voting results.

You can adjust the size and position of your Sticker on TikTok Ads Manager.

Note: People can only vote once.


Before the Vote

Interactive Add-on How to Create an Ad With a Voting Sticker-PNG1

After the Vote

Interactive Add-on How to Create an Ad With a Voting Sticker-PNG2

To Create an Ad with a Voting Sticker

  1. ​Go to TikTok Ads manager and create a new campaign.

  2. ​Select your Buying type and Advertising objective.

  3. ​Set up your Ad Group, and continue to Ad Creation.

  4. ​Enable the Identity toggle to create a Spark Ad, or turn it off to create a Non-Spark Ad (regular In-Feed ad).

  5. ​Select Single Video as the Ad Format.

  6. ​Add your video, ad text, link, and CTA to complete your ad creative.

  7. ​Under Interactive Add-ons, click Create.

  8. ​From the Interactive Add-on pop-up, select Sticker > Voting Sticker; then click Confirm.

To Set Up a Voting Sticker

From the Voting Sticker Editor:

  1. ​Input your Sticker title.

  2. ​Enter Option A and Option B text.

  3. ​Select Sticker Color, Display angle, Placement and Size.

  4. ​Click Confirm to create your Voting Sticker.

  5. ​Click Submit from the Ad Creation page, when you are ready to publish your ad.

For more information about the Voting Sticker ad specifications, please see TikTok Interactive Add-on: Voting Stickers.