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Smart Video
Traditionally, editing a video is a labor-intensive, time-consuming and a completely manual process. The team has to sort through video footage, manually select video clips, search for copyrighted music, edit video ratios, add video captions and transitions, etc.

To help you make awesome video ads, reduce the cost and efforts of your video production and expand your creative library, TikTok Ads Manager provides you with the new video creation tool, "Smart Video".

With the "Smart Video" tool, you're able to upload one or multiple pictures and videos, and then we will leverage artificial intelligence to automatically analyze those videos and choose clips and music to create beautifully edited videos. 

Advantages & Features

Here are the advantages of using "Smart Video":
  1. Seamless video editing experience: Use artificial intelligence to automatically cut video clips, add video transitions and edit it to the rhythm of the music.
    • Analyze and keep the major elements of the videos.
    • Analyze the tracks and the rhythm of the music.
    • Add video transition effects to match with the music beat.
  1. Expand your video inventory: Creating videos more easily allows you to produce videos faster for testing different creative.
    • Generate batches of videos all with different styles at the same time.
    • Create videos in bulk and expand your video creative library.


Location & Steps

Where to find the "Smart Video" tool?
    • Method 1: During the ad creation process:
        • When creating your ad, click on "Single Video".
        • Click on "Create a Video". 
        • Select “Smart Video”.
    • Method 2: Before you create an ad:
        • Click on "Creative" under Library.
        • Click on "Create"."
        • Select "Smart Video" under Video Generator.
The following steps are applicable to both methods for creating a Smart Video:
  1. Upload image or video material and define video settings:
    • Select the video ratio.
        • Vertical 9:16.
        • Horizontal 16:9.
    • Upload original video and image material.
        • Upload your own material or choosing from your creative library.
        • Supports uploading up to 10 videos and 20 images. Smart Video allows you to mash images and videos together into a video.
        • Maximum 10 MB for a single image, 500 MB for a single video. There is no video duration limit.
        • The order of your media will be the flow of your video. You're able to drag to adjust the order.
    • Select Intelligent Image Cropping (not required).
        • This will automatically optimize non-standard pictures.
    • Set the video style.
        • Dynamic: The video generated is fast paced.
        • Peaceful: The video generated is slower paced.
    • Select the duration.
        • Select 10s, 15s or 20s video duration.
    • Select the soundtrack.
        • System soundtrack: The system will automatically select the appropriate music from the music library for you.
        • Custom soundtrack: Upload your own audio files, or select from our library of available soundtracks, without worrying about copyright issues.
    • Enter subtitles (not required).
        • Enter the subtitles of your video in the text box:
            • For 10s videos, maximum character count including spaces is 50 (latin) or 25 (asian characters). 
            • For 20s videos, maximum character count including spaces is 75 (latin) or 37 (asian characters). 
            • For 30s videos, maximum character count including spaces is 90 (latin) or 45 (asian characters).
    • Agree to the Terms and Conditions of TikTok Ads.
        • You must tick this box at the bottom of the page before you can start generating your video.
    • Click on the "Confirm".
        • It will take about 10-30s for the video to be created. Then you are ready to preview the videos.
  1. Preview video and save.
  • 3 videos will be generated at the same time. You can click on the play button to preview each video.


  • Click on the eye-icon at the bottom-right of each video to open the placement preview pop-up. This lets you preview your video across the entire family of TikTok Ads apps.
    • Click on each app icon at the top to change app previews. 
    • Click on the arrows at the bottom to change ad format previews.
  • Edit the name of each video by clicking on "Edit" under the video.
  • Tick the box for each video you wish to save.
  • Click "Save" to save to your video creative library.

Pro Tips

To ensure that your video clips have a good flow, we recommend that you drag and drop your video/images in the right order after uploading to the Smart Video tool. When uploading media, it is recommended that you upload multiple, high-resolution images and videos.