About Audience Insights
Last updated, May 2024

Audience Insights is based on all TikTok data (paid and organic). Audience demographics, location, interests, device, and activity are estimated based on factors such as user behavior on the app, the information provided by users, and device information. The accuracy of such insights may vary with the information provided. In using or relying on such insights when planning your campaign, you agree that these estimates are not a guarantee of results.

With Audience Insights you can explore TikTok user interests, behaviors, and demographics to maximize results and find new ways to scale. Audience Insights provides aggregated information about TikTok users that have been active within the last 30 days and is not based on campaign-level information. 

How to access Audience Insights 

Access Audience Insights by going to your TikTok Ads Manager, hovering over Reporting, and clicking Audience Insights.

Audience Insights with two tabs: Potential Audience and Reached Audience.

  • Potential Audience is a view of your pre-campaign audience insights at the TikTok level.

  • Reached Audience is a view of your post-campaign audience insights that can be aggregated across multiple campaigns, ad groups, and ads.

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To configure your audience, go to the Define Audience panel on the left. You'll see the Create Audience and Custom Audience dropdowns to select the filters you need on the Potential Audience Tab.

Define your audience using filters

In Define Audience, you can refine your audience based on filters. Filter options include: 

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  • Locations: Select the countries/regions where your target audiences are. Select up to 5 locations. At least one location must be selected.

  • Languages: Select the languages your target audience uses. Language is based on the language the user has selected in the app. There is no limitation to the number of languages selected.

  • Demographics: Select the age and gender of your audience. 

  • Interests & Behaviors: Select interest and behavior categories to further refine your audience. There are four optional sub-filters:

    • Ad Interest Categories: Use this filter to refine your audience by people who have interacted with specific categories of ads.

    • Video Interactions: Use this filter to refine your audience by people who've carried out the following interactions with videos: watched till the end, liked, commented, or shared.

    • Creator Interactions: Use this filter to define the kind of creators that your audience has interacted with. For example, comedy, drama, or talent.

    • Hashtag Interactions: Use this filter to refine your audience by people who've watched videos with a specific hashtag. Users can enter a specific hashtag. For example, filter audiences based on users who have watched videos with #mascara.

    • Devices: Select the Operating system (No limit, iOS, Android), OS version, and Device Price. 

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Select Custom Audience

To select a custom audience that you want to target, click the Select Custom Audience dropdown.

Select a custom audience to get insights about custom audience types including Lead Generation, Engagement, App Activity, Website Traffic, Challenge, Premium Audience, and Business Account audiences. When selecting a Custom Audience, all other filters will be disabled. 

To learn more about custom audience types, refer to About Custom Audiences. 

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View different types of audience insights using overview tabs

The overview tabs provide an easy way to view different types of audience insights. There are four tabs: 

  • Audience Overview tab: Get a quick view of your audience all in one place. View the following composition of your audience: 

    • Age

    • Gender

    • Country

    • State

    • Device OS

    • Device Prices (USD): Device price is only available in USD.

    • Top 10 interests

    • Bottom 10 interests

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  • Interests tab: Get deeper insights into what your audience is interested in, including:

    • Top Hashtags: View the top 10 hashtags that resonate with your audience. Consider targeting these hashtags or including these hashtags in videos you create.

    • Ad Interest Categories: The category of ads your audience has interacted with.

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  • Engagement tab: Get insights on how engaged and how frequently your audience is using the TikTok app, including:

    • App opens (times per day)

    • App used (minutes per day)

    • Video views (views per day)

    • Video uploads (uploads per day)

    • Video comments (comments per day)

    • Video likes (likes per day)

    • Video shares (shares per day)

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  • Audience overlap tab: Measure the overlap between your selected TikTok Custom Audience benchmark audience and up to four other TikTok Custom Audience segments. View data including:

    • Audience size

    • Targetable audience

    • Overlap %

    • Overlap size

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Analyze Your Post-Campaign Audience Insights data

On the Reached Audience tab, you can view account-level aggregated data by default which combines audience data from multiple campaigns.

  • Use the drop-down menu to search and select a campaign name/ID, ad group name/ID, or ad name/ID to filter your audience insights. The system shows account-level aggregated data by default.

    • Filter the specific dimension you want to check by Placement, Targeting, Buying type, Identity.

    • Select the metrics you want to check: Total cost, impressions, clicks, conversions, CTR, CVR, CPC, CPM or CPA.

  • View the aggregated post-campaign data by Age & Gender/Country/Device OS/Interest.

  • Select dimensions(Age, Gender, Country, Interest, etc) to see the details and click Export All to download the data into Excel for easy editing and further analysis.

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