About Creative Center

TikTok For Business Creative Center is a free, public home to an ever-growing suite of creative resources where you can discover the latest trends, success stories, and tools to create quality and effective TikTok ads. Creative Center includes the following sections:


Find examples of top-performing ads, creative best practices, and deep-dive creative insights to spark your next TikTok ad idea. This section is organized into 5 parts:

1. Top Ads

Top Ads is a collection of top-performing creatives that can be filtered by Region, Industry, Campaign Objective, and more. Once you select a creative, you can learn more about its performance, including Likes, Comments, Shares, and ad performance metrics.

On the analytics page, review the graph that shows relative performance metrics, second by second, to help you easily find the most successful engagement moment in the video.

2. Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights is an insights tool that highlights top keywords and phrases from TikTok ads to inspire users with ad copy and creative messaging ideas. Filter by Region, Industry, and more to discover top-performing and commonly-used keywords, notice how those keywords were used in the context of ad copy, and view real ads that used those top keywords.

Use Keyword Insights to discover ways to articulate your business's value proposition, and save time and resources when ideating for your next TikTok ad.

3. Creative Insights

Creative Insights are data-backed ads creative best practices that are core to success on TikTok. Consider these tips when building your next TikTok ad or when optimizing existing creatives.

4. Creative Strategies

Creative Strategies is a knowledge hub packed with creative playbooks by vertical and tips for creating made-for-TikTok content. Come here to take your TikTok creative strategy to the next level.

5. Showcases

Showcases hosts TikTok ads success stories from various regions and industries. Each showcase includes video, creative highlights, and basic campaign information to inspire what's possible.


Trends displays trending hashtags, songs, creators, and videos by region and industry. Learn what's hot within user-generated content to get a true sense of the pulse and culture of TikTok overall. Track and leverage trends to see how you can tap into what's happening organically on TikTok in your organic and paid messaging strategies.

Creative Tools

Under Creative Tools, use the free TikTok Video Editor and Video Templates tools to make TikTok-ready assets and then easily port them into TikTok Ads Manager for easy campaign implementation.

Audio Library

Audio Library is a searchable directory of audio cleared for commercial use in TikTok ads. Filter for various themes, genres, moods, and durations to find the most suitable track for your ad, and also check out the Playlist page to quickly find music collections with different popular themes.

Personal Profile

From your Personal Profile, you can withdraw authorization for your creative assets to be displayed in the Creative Center.

To withdraw creative authorization:

  1. ​Go to the Creative Center and log in to your TikTok For Business account.

  2. ​Open your Personal Profile and select Ad Authorization Management.

  3. ​Click the Withdraw button for selected creatives; then confirm the removal.

To grant creative authorization:

  1. ​Log in to your TikTok Ads Manager account; then create a campaign and complete an Ad Group.

  2. ​At the Ad Level, ensure that the Asset Authorization Checkbox is checked before submitting your ad for review.

For even more transparency, a Pop-up Window for the online asset usage authorization will appear once a week on The Creative Center's Homepage and Top Ads page.

  • ​The creatives in the Pop-up Window must meet the requirements to appear in the Top Ads section of the Creative Center.

  • ​You can authorize creatives to appear in the Top Ads section directly from the Pop-up Window by clicking the tick box. Once you authorize the assets, they will appear in the Top Ads feed the following day.

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