Enable Unattributed Events
Last updated, May 2024

Unattributed events are events attributed to other media platforms (not TikTok). When shared with TikTok, these events provide our backend systems with more signals for optimization and can be used downstream for Data Management Platform (DMP) audience creation and retargeting.

Key benefits of enabling unattributed events include:

  • ​Ability to view unattributed events size in Events Manager via a new column, "Unattributed Events," and gain a clear picture of audience sizes for targeting.

  • ​Use unattributed events for DMP audience creation.

  • ​Use unattributed events for app retargeting and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) re-engagement for select advertisers.

  • ​Unattributed events are used in delivery models, which helps improve and refine performance.

Unattributed events are not activated by default in Events Manager or for downstream use. In order to activate and see unattributed events data in Events Manager, advertisers need to take the following steps:

1.​ Enable unattributed events in Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) dashboard

In order to access unattributed events statistics in Events Manager and use unattributed events in TikTok's downstream systems, advertisers need to enable unattributed events pass back to TikTok through their MMP dashboard. For instructions on how to enable unattributed events by MMP, see below.


On Adjust dashboard, select Partner Setup, and click TikTok for Business, and ensure the toggle of Attributed Only is OFF.

Enable Unattributed Events-Adjust-PNG


Go to Integrations, select Integrated Ad Channels, click Select channel, go to Postback Settings, and select Delivery Rules and click the button on the right to select events to send all postbacks. The events selected to send all-postback will be sent to TikTok even if it wasn't attributed to that channel.

Enable Unattributed Events-Airbridge-PNG


On AppsFlyer dashboard, select Configuration, select Integrated Partners, scroll down to Default postbacks or In-app events postback, and select All media sources, including organic in Sending option instead of This partner only

Enable Unattributed Events-AppsFlyer-PNG


On the Branch dashboard, select Ads, select Partner Management, and click TikTok For Business, on the "POSTBACK CONFIG" tab, check the box of "ALL EVENTS".

Enable Unattributed Events-Branch-PNG

DFINERY (Adbrix)

Go to Attribution, select AD Partner Settings. Search "TikTok for Business" and choose it. Open the "Postback" tab, and you'll see the following screenshot:

Enable Unattributed Events-DFINERY (Adbrix)-PNG


On the Kochava dashboard, select Partner Configuration, select Name, and ensure All is selected as the "DELIVERY METHOD".

Enable Unattributed Events-Kochava-PNG


On the Singular dashboard, select ATTRIBUTION, select Partner Configuration, scroll down to Event Postbacks, and ensure the Send all checkbox is checked.

Enable Unattributed Events-Singular-PNG


On the Tenjin dashboard, leave "Marketing Channels" blank to ensure all unattributed event data is sent to TikTok.

Enable Unattributed Events-Tenjin-PNG

2.​ Verify App Ownership - TikTok App ID

In order to access unattributed events statistics in Events Manager and unlock downstream usage, you must first confirm app ownership using TikTok App Id.

TikTok App ID instructions

  1. Navigate to Events Manager.

  2. Click on your App.

  3. Generate your TikTok App ID (see the TikTok Events Manager screenshot below).

  4. Note that once you have Generated TTAID, your status will change from Unverified to Pending Verification.

    • Your status will remain as Pending Verification till you have entered the TTAID on your MMP dashboard, AND TikTok has received at least one event with the TikTok App ID.

    • Paste the TikTok App ID into your MMP dashboard

  5. You should see the Verified label appear on your app page in Events Manager. This will happen when advertisers send an event back to TikTok - whether it's attributed or unattributed - after correctly implementing the TikTok App ID.

For more information on setup by MMP, See TikTok App ID.

3.​ Unattributed Events Statistics in Events Manager

Once you successfully complete the steps above, you will see a new column for "Total Unattributed Events" in Events Manager and will also notice changes to the existing column, "Total Events." The following changes can be expected when the "Total Unattributed Events" column is activated:

  1. ​The sum shown in the "Total Events" column will include the value from "Total Unattributed Events" + "Attributed Events" + "Retargeting Attributed Events" (for managed accounts that have enabled retargeting attribution in Events Manager).

  2. ​The "Preview Events" column will not be shown.

If you do not complete steps 1 and 2 above, the "Total Unattributed Events" column will not be shown and there will be no change to the values shown in the "Total Events" column.

Note: Historical unattributed event data will be available upon activation.

For managed accounts that have enabled "retargeting attribution" in Events Manager, retargeting events columns will now be reflected in the Events Manager reporting table. See App Retargeting for more information.