FAQs for Advanced Matching for Web

To know about Advanced Matching for Web, refer to About Advanced Matching for Web.

Is my customer data secure?

The identity information passed through the TikTok pixel will be hashed with SHA256 before reaching TikTok's servers for matching. TikTok uses this hashed information to match website visitors with people on TikTok. TikTok currently provides two ways to hash customer identity information.

You can hash the identify information with SHA256 on your side before sending the information to TikTok or you can pass the original identity information without hashing. In this case, TikTok will automatically hash the data with SHA256 before the data goes to our server for matching. For more information hashing and identity information supported, see our developer documentation.

For more information on TikTok data storage and retentions, see TikTok Business Products Data Terms.

In order for Advanced Matching to work, do we require a user to log into the advertiser's website?

No, we don't require a user to log into the website. However, in such instances, we require advertisers to pass back customer information for all events in order to match for all events (i.e. Submitting email / phone number during a purchase or form completion).

Once the new pixel has been implemented and parameters are being passed back, how do we verify if everything is setup correctly?

You can use TikTok Pixel Helper or Event Health reporting in Events Manager to verify parameter data is being passed back properly which will show an indicator if email or phone is detected on your website.

Is it possible to pass email/phone from my CRM?

You can pass hashed or non-hashed data via the pixel from any source, as long as you have rights to the data.

Does Advanced Matching allow using email/phone for retargeting?

Yes, this would happen via a Custom Audience or retargeting.

Does Advanced Matching Pixel allow to optimize based on unattributed events?

No, but Advanced Matching can be used to build audience segments containing unattributed, matched data.

Is Manual Advanced Matching and Automatic Advanced Matching required to be used together?

No, they are not required but we highly encourage it. We recommend advertisers use both Manual and Automatic Advanced Matching at the same time, if possible, as this setting maximizes Advanced Matching's full performance.

What pages will Automatic Advanced Matching look at customer information?

Automatic Advanced Matching will collect pages where the pixel is installed.