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How to preview ads on TikTok Ads Manager
Last updated: July 2024

Once you've created an ad, you can preview it in TikTok Ads Manager before submitting it for approval to ensure it looks how you want it to. Learn more about how to preview ads on your mobile device using a QR code.

Before you begin

  • You won't be charged for ad previews.

  • You can preview ads in campaign creation.

How to preview ads

To preview ads:

  1. Create an ad in TikTok Ads Manager or edit an existing ad from your campaign list.

  2. Once you've uploaded your media, an ad preview box will show your ad on the righthand side.

  3. Click the app icon to change app previews.

  4. Click the arrows at the top of the preview to change ad format previews.

  5. Use the progress bar at the bottom of the preview to find specific video frames you want to preview.

  6. To the right of the progress bar, click the full screen icon for an expanded view.

Note: The ad preview is not specific to a device. There might be slight differences in appearance when it comes to different devices.

A preview is valid for 24 hours. You need to restart the process to preview it again.

Learn how to preview ads with your user ID.