TikTok Click ID
Last updated, June 2023


TikTok Click ID (TTCLID) is a tracking parameter appended to a landing page URL whenever a user clicks on an ad on TikTok, helping TikTok to improve ad attribution and performance by associating the user's Click ID with a campaign.

How does it work?

Starting November 17th, 2022, we are gradually rolling out TikTok Click ID auto attachment to all outbound landing page URLs without manual configuration when creating or editing ads in TikTok Ads Manager.

When advertisers share triggered web events through the Pixel or Events API with TikTok, and those events contain Click IDs, TikTok matches the Click ID to a user's action on TikTok. Matched event information is used for attribution, audience building, ad delivery optimization, and measurement. 

Click ID auto-attachment does not impact other custom tracking parameters you may have enabled. 


Landing page URL examples

Your landing page URL


Updated landing page URL


To manually attach the TikTok Click ID to your landing page URL, follow the steps outlined in Set up TikTok Click ID and Cookies.

Each Click ID is unique and adheres to the same CTA window configured in Attribution Manager (see Attribution Manager). 


In addition, you will have the ability to preview and validate the URLs by either using the Preview button when creating or editing ads in TikTok Ads Manager or by following the steps in How to Preview Ads.

TikTok Click ID - Website Preview

Removing TikTok Click ID

If you wish to remove the TikTok Click ID from your landing page URLs, you are able to do so programmatically or by editing your website code similarly to the way you manage other query parameters by following the steps outlined Set up TikTok Click ID and Cookies.