TikTok Interactive Add-on: Display Card for Auction & Reach & Frequency


Visual Style

  • ​Please include a CTA element design in display card and ensure it is clearly visible.

  • ​The color should stand out from the video and compliment the TikTok experience.

  • ​Avoid creative material with low pixels.

  • ​Make sure the edge of the material is smooth and clear, not mosaic-style and serrated.

Card Creatives

  • ​Card popup time: based on mode to calculate the optimized pop up time based on the ad objective, industry, and user behavior, cannot be customized.

  • ​Supported format: .jpg, .jpeg, .png

  • ​File size: no limitation

  • ​Display size (output): Width 750 * Height 421, no limitation on aspect ratio when uploading display card creative on platform, the display card creative could be cropped to resize to fit in the final Width 750 * Height 421 in display by using the tools on platform.

  • ​Avoid using transparent design assets in the Display Card. The border of the Card does allow some transparency, but the shape of the Display Card must be rectangular, and the center area of the card can't be transparent.

TikTok Interactive Add-on: Display Card for Auction & Reach & Frequency-incorrect sample-JPG
  • ​Safe Zone: Please use the display card safe zone to prepare the in feed ads creatives.


  • Standard Version LTR

    • Vertical

      Safezone-Standard Version LTR-Vertical

    • Square

      Safezone-Standard Version LTR-Square

    • Horizontal

      Safezone-Standard Version LTR-Horizontal

  • Arabic Version RTL

    • Vertical

      Safezone-Arabic Version RTL-Vertical

    • Square

      Safezone-Arabic Version RTL-Square

    • Horizontal

      Safezone-Arabic Version RTL-Horizontal

General Notes

  • ​Ad assets cannot be changed or replaced once the campaign goes live.

  • ​Display cards must be used with in-feed ads, and cannot be used with other interactive add-on at the same time for one creative.

  • ​Please follow in-feed ad specs for in-feed ads creatives preparation.

  • ​Display URL will directly leverage in-feed ads URL, do not need to setup separately.

  • ​Display card doesn't support 3rd party tracking independently.

  • For ad policy rules, please see "TikTok Advertising Policies - Ad Creatives & Landing Page."