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After installing the pixel code to your website, you need to select a standard industry template or use a custom template to create a series of events.

About Events

An event is an action taken by a user on your website (like adding to cart). The action can come from a TikTok ad (paid), or can come organically (unpaid). Either way, you can create a series of events to better track the whole user funnel on your website. 

For Example:

For E-commerce clients, we recommend creating an event for each step along the users' journey on your website. This means one event is created for when a user browses the product details page and one event is created for completing a payment. You can then set your most-valued event as the Optimization Goal to measure and optimize the effectiveness of your ads.

How to create an event?

  1. After creating your pixel, click on "Next" to get to the "Create Event" page.
  1. Select an industry template to suit your business scenario (E-commerce, Form Submission, Consultation, Apk Download or Custom event).image.png

  1. For industry templates, we provide a series of standard events for each scenario along the user path. You can use all the events provided or delete them as needed. If these four templates do not meet your needs, you can always choose a custom event template to define your own events.
      • Note: TikTok Pixel supports a maximum of 5 events, across all templates.
  1. Name each event and set the event Value for your business, including setting the Currency and the Statistical Method. 
    1. Event Name and Value are optional. 
    2. For Statistical Method, you can choose "Every Time" or "Once" (default setting).
Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 6.10.28 PM.png
  1. Click "Complete". You will be taken to the page where you can then define each event rule.
    1. Rules help our auction system determine if a user took the action you desired on the webpage of your site. Learn more on how to define tracking rules.

About the Statistics Method:

In situations where you want to know if one user completes the event multiple times, choose "Every Time" as your Statistical Method, so that the conversions will be counted as 2. In situations where you want only one event to be recorded per user, choose "Once" as Statistical Method so the conversion will be counted as 1. 

For Example:

If your optimization goal is to receive more orders, it is recommended to choose "Every Time", because multiple purchases from each user is of value. If your optimization goal is to receive more form submissions, it is recommended to choose "Once" because perhaps only one form submission per user is valuable to your business.
Now that you have defined a series of events to track the entire user path on your website, you are well on your way to better optimizing your ads delivery, and now will know where users dropped off in the event funnel.

Note: When viewing your data in TikTok Ads Manager, the “Total Events" column counts all events tracked through the pixel, regardless of channel. The ”Attributed Events" column counts only events attributed to your TikTok campaign. See the reference below.