PPS Incentive Program
Last updated, October 2023

TikTok is running a Post Purchase Survey (PPS) Incentive Program.

For a limited time: Advertisers can earn up to $5,000 in ad credit incentives to help offset the cost of Post Purchase Survey by enrolling in the TikTok PPS Incentive Program! Click HERE to start.


Advertisers must meet the following criteria

  1. Advertisers must be subscribed to one of the approved Post Purchase Survey partners below:

  2. Advertisers must implement the TikTok-approved survey template provided by the Post Purchase Survey Partner, which includes attribution questions.

  3. Advertisers must authorize data sharing to TikTok and make API keys available.

    • Fairing customers – you must submit your valid API keys through the enrollment form.

    • Kno customers - you must confirm with KnoCommerce that your API keys have been provided to TikTok.

    • Okendo customers - you must confirm with Okendo that your API keys have been provided to TikTok

  4. Advertisers must actively advertise on TikTok during the calculation period.

    • The calculation period is based on the month you enrolled. See the "Ad Credit Payout Dates" table below for what's considered your calculation period.

    • If you need to defer your calculation period to a future month because you know you'll spend more in the future, then let your Post Purchase Survey partner know!

  5. Advertisers will be contacted to answer questions about their Post Purchase Survey usage & advertisers must fill out the questionnaire.


  • If we can't locate your advertiser ID based on the information you entered on the enrollment form, we will not be able to process your ad credit.

  • Ad credit amount will vary by region (based on how TikTok categorizes the region of your ad account).

  • Only one submission per brand will be allowed.

Ad Credit Incentive Amounts

Ad Credit Incentive Amounts 1 PNG
Ad Credit Incentive Amounts 2 PNG

Ad Credit Payout Dates

Ad Credit Payout Dates PNG