About Advanced Matching for Web
Last updated, May 2024

Advanced Matching is available via TikTok Business Tools to enable you to send customer information such as email, phone number or a customer id to better match website events with people on TikTok. Using Advanced Matching will enable you to:

  • Measure more conversions. We can match more of the conversions that happen on your website to people on TikTok. This helps you better understand the impact of your ads on website conversions.

  • Boost campaign optimization: Power campaign bidding models to amplify conversion events.

  • Expand your reach: Build bigger audiences to reach website and app customers on TikTok.

Implementing Advanced Matching

There are 2 ways to enable Advanced Matching: Manual or Automatic. We recommend advertisers use both Manual and Automatic Advanced Matching at the same time, if possible, as this setting maximizes Advanced Matching's full performance. If you operate within a more regulated or sensitive industry such as financial services or healthcare, consider using Manual Advanced Matching instead of Auto Advanced Matching.

  • Manual Advanced Matching is the passing of customer information to TikTok from your website. This can be implemented using code for each event on your website, or if you're using a partner integration, you can enable Manual Advanced Matching in the data-sharing settings of the partner platform. With this option, you have the flexibility to configure what information and for which event you want to pass to TikTok.

  • Automatic Advanced Matching is when advertisers instruct TikTok to automatically identify form fields on pages where Pixel is installed, and to hash and collect email and phone numbers entered on those pages for measurement, optimization and targeting of your campaigns. With this option, the pixel will scan your website for recognizable form fields containing customer information, like email and phone, which is then captured securely and safely via an industry-standard hashing algorithm (SHA-256). We recommend the pixel is implemented on all of your web pages for Automatic Advanced Matching to be more effective.

Advanced Matching is available for:

Manual Advanced Matching

Automatic Advanced Matching

TikTok Pixel

Available (requires code)

Available via settings in Events Manager

Partner integrations

Available via partner platform

Available via settings in Events Manager

Events API

Available (requires code)

Not available

Advanced Matching is also required for leveraging Video Shopping Ads retargeting and for including unattributed events in Website Traffic Audiences.


As per standard industry practice, customer emails and phone numbers will be hashed with SHA256 before reaching TikTok servers for matching. TikTok is ISO 27001 certified in the US and UK.

Learn more about how this information is used in our TikTok Business Products (Data) Terms.

Best Practices

There are a few best practices to keep in mind when implementing Advanced Matching:

  • Use both Manual and Automatic Advanced Matching if possible. Using both Manual and Automatic Advanced Matching ensures you're receiving maximum benefits from the solution. The manual version involves coding, so you may need developer resources. Learn how to set up Manual Advanced Matching here.

    • If you don't have the resources to set up Manual Advanced Matching, you may still benefit from using Automatic Advanced Matching alone.

  • If you don't have access to your website code or developer resources, use Automatic Advanced Matching. You can turn on the automatic version with a few clicks in Events Manager. Learn how in the "Get Started" section below.

  • Make sure TikTok Pixel is installed on all web pages: Automatic Advanced Matching can only take effect when the pixel is installed on the page. Some common pages where customer information is being captured include Login, Registration, Checkout as a Guest (or logged in), Newsletter, and Promotion Signup.

  • Capture email and phone numbers as frequently as possible for Manual Advanced Matching on your website. We recommend sending the email and phone numbers for every event. Learn how to set up Manual AM here.

  • Make sure to capture the email and phone number as early as possible on your website.

  • Maximize the benefits of Advanced Matching with Cookies. We recommend that both Automatic and Manual Advanced Matching solutions are paired with cookies for optimal performance. Ensure first-party cookies are enabled via Events Manager settings. Read Using Cookies with TikTok Pixel to learn more.

Here are additional considerations when deciding which Advanced Matching option to use:


Manual Advanced Matching (MAM)

Auto Advanced Matching (AAM)

iFrame Environment

Leverage MAM when TikTok Pixel and customer info are separated by iFrame.

AAM could work if TikTok Pixel and customer info are either both within or outside the iFrame.

Third-Party Login Tools

Leverage MAM when you support Third Party Login Tools such as Facebook, Google, Apple and etc.

Third-Party Payment Platforms

Leverage MAM when customer info is provided directly to third party payment platforms during checkout (Ex: PayPal, AfterPay, ShopPay, AmazonPay, and GooglePay).

Lacking dev resources or access to website code

Leverage AAM if you don't have access to the website's code and no technical resource to support MAM.

IMG pixel

Although IMG pixel is not a recommended solution, if you are utilizing an IMG pixel at the moment, you should setup MAM.

AAM does not support IMG pixel.

Get Started with Manual Advanced Matching

Enabling Manual Advanced Matching requires technical resources and coding experience. We recommend inputting the Advanced Matching code to each event on your website to pass back customer information to match conversions with ads on TikTok.

Before you begin -

  • ​You require technical resources for implementation.

  • ​You must have access to the website's code.

  • ​You must have the ability to add audience data to parameters.

  • ​You should have events set up in the website's code. If not, refer to our developer documentation to learn about how to set up events.

Get started by referring to our Manual Advanced Matching implementation guide.

Get Started with Automatic Advanced Matching

By enabling Automatic Advanced Matching, the pixel finds recognizable form fields containing customer information (like email and phone) and collects this data in an encrypted manner, which is then used to match conversions with ads on TikTok. This option does not require coding.

For TikTok Pixels, turn on Automatic Advanced Matching in your pixel settings via Events Manager Settings.


For partner-integrated pixels, turn on Automatic Advanced Matching in your pixel settings via Events Manager or your commerce platform.

How it works

  1. A visitor lands on your website and fills out a form during registration, sign-in, contact, or checkout.

  2. ​A designated form event occurs and triggers Automatic Advanced Matching to capture information from the email or phone input fields.

    • Note: Automatic Advanced Matching activates when a designated event occurs on a page where Pixel is installed.

  3. 3. The visitor's information is then verified if it's an email or phone number. If the information passes verification, it is hashed in their browser using an industry-standard hashing algorithm (SHA-256).

    • Note: The information submitted must be in an acceptable email or phone format.

  4. The hashed information is then securely transferred to TikTok via HTTPS.

  5. TikTok uses hashed information to link pixel event information to ad views on TikTok to attribute events to TikTok ads.

Get started with a partner integration

If you're using a partner integration, enable Manual Advanced Matching in the data-sharing settings of the partner platform. Read About Data Sharing with TikTok Pixel Partners to learn more.

For Automatic Advanced Matching with partner integrations, update your pixel settings via Events Manager or the commerce platform.

To know more about Advanced Matching for Web, refer to FAQs for Advanced Matching for Web.