About Automated Rules

Automated Rules let you create rule-based tasks to automatically check and manage your campaigns, ad groups, and ads on TikTok Ads Manager.

You can use Automated Rules to continuously monitor your campaigns and make adjustments in real-time based on the conditions you set. To create an Automated Rule, you can craft a custom formula composed of conditions and actions. Or you can use a pre-made template.

The rule's conditions will define when it is applied, and the rule's action will define the task you want to perform. Essentially, you are telling the system, "If my ads do this, then take this action."

You can create Automated Rules to:

  • ​Notify you by email when your campaigns have spent 80% of their lifetime budget.

  • ​Increase the daily budget for ad groups with a high conversion rate.

  • ​Turn off low spending and non-spending ad groups.

  • ​Decrease the budget when your campaign's CPA is above a certain threshold.

Automated Rules can apply the following actions:

  • ​Notify by email

  • ​Turn Off

  • ​Turn On

  • ​Adjust Lifetime Budget

  • ​Adjust Daily Budget

  • ​Adjust Bid