Creative best practices
Last updated, December 2023

Creative is an important consideration when building out high-performing ads. You don't have to be a marketing guru or video editing expert to produce ads that capture your audience's eyeballs and grab their attention. Usually, finding the perfect creative is a result of testing and learning.

To get you started on the journey of finding the best creative for your audience, we've compiled a list of best practices. While every campaign is different, you can use these tips as a starting point to create and optimize your next attention-grabbing ad.

Tips for getting started

  • ​Try using diverse creative in the beginning stages. As a rule of thumb, it is always good to use creatives with big differences when testing. This is especially helpful during the ad group's exploration stage.

  • ​Avoid bulk adding similar creatives to one ad group. This goes hand-in-hand with the tip above.

  • We recommend using Smart Creative. This is a great tool that helps you identify winning creatives and saves you effort by automating the process. Smart Creative is especially useful when you are running more than 10 different creatives in one ad group.

  • ​We suggest starting a new ad group with no more than 5 new creatives during the exploration stage, if you are not using Smart Creative. It is also advised to let the ad group pass the learning phase (50 conversions) before adding another batch of creatives.

Tips for Optimization

  • ​There is no recommendation on how many different creatives should be active at the same time once your ad group is running. However, the limit is 16 per ad group, if you are not using ACO.

  • ​We suggest updating the creative every 7 days at least. It is wise to continuously refresh them to avoid ad fatigue.

  • ​Try our creative tools such as Smart Video to efficiently design new creatives.

  • ​When you want to add new creatives, it is suggested to add them to an existing ad group to extend its lifetime.