Create a TikTok Ad Campaign on Shopify
Last updated, May 2024

When you're ready to grow your business on TikTok, you can create an ad campaign on TikTok Ads Manager or directly on Shopify.

Create a Campaign

Start by clicking Create Campaign.

Create a TikTok Ad Campaign on Shopify-creat campaign-PNG

If you create a campaign in Shopify, you will set up a Smart Performance Campaign (SPC) by default. SPC is TikTok's first end-to-end automated ad solution designed to optimize conversion results. Once you create a campaign, you will need to enter the following details to get your campaign up & running.

​1. Ad Name

  • ​Name your campaign.

2. ​Promotion

  • ​Choose a Landing Page Type: Single Product, Collection, or Homepage.

Create a TikTok Ad Campaign on Shopify-promotion-PNG

3. Ad Creation

  • ​Choose to upload an existing video file or use our video generator tool to create a video from existing images or videos.

  • ​Review multiple videos that are generated and select your favorite to run as an ad campaign.

Create a TikTok Ad Campaign on Shopify-ad creation-PNG

4. Automatic Targeting

  • ​TikTok will use automatic targeting with machine learning to find your ideal audience. All you need to provide is a country.

Create a TikTok Ad Campaign on Shopify-targeting-PNG

5. ​Optimization Event

  • ​Select an Optimization event that uses the signals from your Shopify Pixel.

  • ​Consider starting with an upper-funnel event like Add to Cart before moving down the purchase journey to Complete Payment.

Create a TikTok Ad Campaign on Shopify-optimization event-PNG

6. ​Budget

  • ​Choose a daily budget of more than $20 USD / day.

  • ​Schedule your campaign or let it run continuously.

Create a TikTok Ad Campaign on Shopify-budget-PNG

For more guidance on setting up your Smart Performance Campaign on Shopify, see the SPC on Shopify one-pager.

-External- Shopify SPC- One Pager .pdf (726.19 KB)