How to edit ad settings in TikTok Ads Manager
Last updated, May 2024

You can make changes to ad groups and ads after they've been created and while they are running. You can edit the name and budget for:

  • Campaign lists

  • Ad lists

  • Group lists

Before getting started

Changing certain settings will cause the ad or ad group to go under review again. The ad delivery will not be affected.

Certain campaigns, ad groups, and ad settings are unable to be edited after creation.

How to edit ad settings

To edit ad settings:

  1. Go to the Campaign page.

  2. Select the Campaign, Ad Group, or Ad Lists tab.

  3. Find the specific campaign, ad group, or ad you wish to modify and click the Edit button.

  4. Once you make your changes, click Save.

Note: You can also edit a campaign, ad group, or ad list name by hovering over the specific name and clicking the pencil icon. Then, enter a new name. You can do the same for the budget.