About Events API
Last updated, May 2024

TikTok for Business offers tools that allow businesses to share marketing data with TikTok. TikTok Events API provides advertisers with a reliable connection between TikTok and advertiser's marketing data, across web, app, and offline (eg. Store, CRM) channels with the ability to customize the information they share with TikTok.

For website connections, we recommend having an Events API integration with your existing Pixel integration to maximize performance benefits.

Note: Pixel or Events API set-up is a pre-requisite for our Web Conversions objective in TikTok Ads Manager.

Learn more how to get started with Events API.

Benefits of implementing TikTok's Events API include:

  • Improved ad delivery and targeting by capturing missing conversions: Connectivity issues and browser inconsistency can impact conversions reported via Pixel. With Events API, more conversions are reported and leveraged for measurement, optimization, and targeting.

  • Consolidate sharing all your event data in a single API: Send events from various channels, such as websites, mobile apps, physical stores (offline), and CRMs integrations in one API. This allows for a more seamless implementation, and may also result in increased efficiencies.

  • Granular control over the data your business shares with TikTok: With Events API, you only have to share the data required to meet your marketing objectives.

  • Resilient solutions for an evolving advertising ecosystem: The Events API together with an existing Pixel ensures a more sustainable transition in response to changes in the advertising industry.

We recommend the following setup for all web conversion clients to enhance performance:

  • Connection Type: Use both TikTok's Pixel and Events API together with Event Deduplication. Learn more about event deduplication.

  • Events and Parameters: Ensure that events throughout your user journey are shared consistently across your Pixel and Events API setup.

  • Match Keys: All relevant match keys are passed back to increase match rates for improved measurement and audience creation. Learn more about how to set up matching events with Events API.