View Campaign, Ad group or Ad Status
Last updated, September 2023

About ad groups or ads "in review"

Before your ads are published, they undergo a review process to ensure they meet TikTok's Advertising Policies. You can check the status of your ad group or ad in the Status column of your account. To learn more about ad reviews, go to Ad Review FAQs.

Typically, most ads are reviewed within 24 hours, although in some cases it may take longer. The following changes to previously approved ads or ad groups will trigger a new review process:

  • ​Targeting (except for age targeting)

  • ​Creative (images, ad text, links, videos, etc.)

To see a complete list of changes that will trigger a review, go to Changes that Trigger the Review Process.

Note: Changes to your ad group's budget or schedule will not trigger a review.

Check ad scheduling

  1. Log into your TikTok Ads Manager account and navigate to the Campaign section.

  2. Go to the Ad Group tab.

  3. Adjust the calendar date range to reflect the ad groups you'd like to see.

  4. Hover your mouse over the ad group of your choosing and click Edit.

  5. A window will pop up and you should scroll down to the Budget & Schedule section.

  6. You will see the time your ad group is scheduled to run under the Schedule section.

Check campaign and ad statuses

  1. Log into TikTok Ads Manager and go to the Ad Group Status tab.

  2. Click the Disapproved number.

  3. When redirected to your ad groups, you will see the Ad Group Status along with a red or yellow triangle giving the rejection reason.

  4. From here, you can click View more to learn about ad policy and suggestions for your ads.

Status Meanings




The campaign, ad group, or ad can’t run because it is deleted.

Not delivering

The campaign, ad group, or ad is no longer running due to budget or violation of TikTok's Advertising Policies.


The campaign, ad group, or ad is paused.


The ad is running normally, or your campaign or ad group contains at least one ad that is running normally.


The ad group or ad is no longer running because the scheduled end date has passed.


A Reach & Frequency campaign or ad group will not run as scheduled because it does not meet the publishing requirements or the advertiser withdrew it.

Note: You can hover over the status to learn more information, including the suggested actions to take.

Icon Meanings



Not Delivering

The ad group or ad can’t run because there’s a problem. You can check the suggestions to learn more about the issue and what adjustments can be made.


The ad group or ad is experiencing limited delivery, as only some of the ads or placements are delivering. Review the suggestions and address this warning to improve performance.


The campaign, ad group, or ad is active and there are no issues.

List of All Status Meanings

First Level Status

Second Level Status



Campaign deleted

The campaign has been deleted.

Ad group deleted

The ad group has been deleted.

Creative deleted

The ad has been deleted.

Not delivering

Account in review

This is the status of the ad account after creating an ad account or modifying an ad account.

Account not approved

The review of the ad account failed.

Account penalized

Ad account is suspended due to violation of ads policy.

Payment unsuccessful or insufficient balance

The account balance is not enough.

Contract has not taken effect

The contract is not in effect.

Campaign out of budget

There is insufficient budget for the campaign.

Ad group out of budget

There is insufficient budget for the ad group. This status appears also if the budget has been set at the campaign level and its spending reached its threshold. The ad group will stop spending regardless of its budget.

Outside of schedule

The ad has been set at the scheduled time and it hasn't reached the scheduled time. Refer to the "Check ad scheduling" section in this article.

In review

When a new ad is created, the ad will go through the review process first.

Qualification needed

Relevant qualification is needed.


Relevant qualification have expired.


Relevant qualification is not approved.

Pixel Unauthorized

The pixel is unauthorized.

Music copyright missing

Music copyright is not available.

Edited for review

The review process was triggered again when edited.

Not approved

The review failed.

No creatives

A new campaign or ad group has no creative.


Ad group completed

The schedule time is over and the ad delivery is completed.

Ad group terminated

The order was withdrawn during flight.



The campaign has been paused, and there is no other status.

Campaign inactive

The campaign has been paused.

Ad group deleted

The ad group has been paused.

Ad inactive

The ad has been paused.



The ad is delivering, including if only partial placements are available.

Edited for review

The review process was triggered again because of re-editing.

Closed (Only available for Reach & Frequency ad groups/ads)

No valid ads

The ad group covers either of the following conditions:

1.​ All creatives are deleted.

2.​ No creatives have been added.

Ads disapproved

All creatives are rejected.