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About TikTok Pixel
TikTok Pixel is a website events management tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of ads by understanding the actions people take on your website. After installing TikTok Pixel code on your website and configuring a series of events on the TikTok Ads platform, you can use TikTok Pixel to achieve the following:
  • Measure the effectiveness of ads: The efficacy of ad delivery is measured by ad performance for defined events.
  • Optimize system delivery: With optimization goals set, the system automatically optimizes and covers users more likely to take key actions. For example, adding merchandise into the shopping cart, completing a purchase.
  • Determine suitable audiences: The visit history for certain pages, as well as users or similar groups who take specified actions on a website, can be extracted as audiences, and converted audiences can be excluded.
You can obtain pixel code in the library's event management tool, as well as define, view, and manage events. You can track user behavior on your website using the following procedure:
  • Create pixel: Name your pixel and get the pixel code.
  • Install pixel code: You can install the pixel code in your landing page through Google Tag Manager or manually adding by the developer.
  • Create event series: Under the pixel you created, define event series to clarify a user action pathway, and define user behavior for each event based on either clicking a choice or browsing a page.
  • Use TikTok Pixel Helper: You can use TikTok Pixel Helper to check if the pixel code is installed correctly on your landing page and if it has been activated.
  • Create an ad group & view data: Create an ad group, and select a certain event as a conversion. You can view the conversion results in the group data and view all event data in the event management tool.