How to Create an Instant Page
Last updated, May 2024

An Instant Page is a fast-loading, lightweight web page that loads up to 11 times faster than a standard web page. Instant Pages offer a variety of templates to make it easy to create your Instant Page. You can also customize your own Instant Page by editing its components like text, pictures, videos, carousels, and call-to-action buttons.

To add an Instant Page to your ads, you need to create an eligible ad on TikTok Ads Manager and then create your Instant Page.


Step 1: Create a Campaign & Ad Group

To add an Instant Page to your ads, you will first need to create a Campaign and Ad Group with the following settings. Log in to TikTok Ads Manager and create a new campaign to get started.

1. ​Select a supported Advertising Objective, and choose from Traffic, Website Conversions, Reach, or Video Views.

​2. Complete the rest of your Campaign selections and click Continue. The Advertising Objective you selected will determine the next steps.

3. ​If you choose a Website Conversion, you may choose between a pixel event on your external website or an Onsite Button Click in the "Website" section.

  • ​If you want to Optimize for a Pixel Event: Choose External Website and then your pixel event. NOTE: you will still be able to add your Instant Page at the ad level.

  • If You want to Optimize for a Button Click on the Instant Page: Choose TikTok Instant Page and choose "Click Button" as your optimization event.

4. For all Advertising Objectives, choose Automatic Placement or Select Placement from the Ad Group's Placement module. If you choose Select Placement, ensure that you include TikTok as a placement.

5. Complete the remainder of your Ad Group settings and continue to the ad creation page.

Step 2: Access the Instant Page Builder

Next, open the Instant Page Builder from the ad creation page to create your Instant Page.

​1. From the Ad creation page, select Single Video as the Ad Format.

2. ​Locate the Destination Page module, choose TikTok Instant Page, then click +Create.

3. Next, choose an Instant Page template, select from:

  • Customize: Freely create an Instant Page to provide a better experience for your target audience.

  • Products for sale: Provide details about your products and promotions.

  • Brand story: Build brand influence by sharing your brand's story, products, and services with customers.

  • ​Introduction & Brand pitch: Introduce your brand and encourage new customers to discover and try your products or services.

  • ​Trailer: Improve your brand image on TikTok by providing viewers with a full movie trailer experience with the option of landscape view.

  • Showtimes: To promote your upcoming movie and drive users to buy tickets.

  • Multi-Destination: Drive users to your services, products, and brands by jumping to different destinations.

4. ​Click Confirm.

Step 3: Customize your Instant Page

Once you have accessed the Instant Page Builder, you can edit your Instant Page's components. To get started:

1. ​Click the pencil icon to name your Instant Page.

2. Select a Color Scheme for your Instant Page. Choose from Light Color Scheme or Dark Color Scheme.

3. To add Components to your Instant Page, click the + icon or click +Add a component. Instant Pages support the following components:
  • Header: Affix an image or text on top of your Instant Page.

  • ​Image: Showcase an image that you can turn into a hyperlink.

  • Video: Feature a video on your Instant Page.

  • ​Button: Add a call to action button that points to a landing page or app download page.

  • ​Carousel: Create an image slideshow within your Instant Page.

  • ​Text: Insert text blocks that can be formatted.

  • Coupon Code: Promote a sale using a coupon code (if applicable) and highlight the sale price in terms of percentage.

4. ​If you want to convert an existing website into an Instant Page, click Instant Create, enter the URL of the page you want to recreate, then click Generate.

5. ​Once you select your Instant Page's Components, you can drag them into the order you want to customize them as you see fit.

6. ​Click Save to save a draft of your Instant Page, or click Complete to add the finished Instant Page to your ad. Next, finish building your ad and click Submit when you are ready to publish.

See How to Customize an Instant Page on how to customize each component on your Instant Page.

Step 4: Access the Instant Page Library

Once you have created an Instant Page or have saved a draft of one, you can access them via the Ad Creation page from an eligible Ad Group.

1. ​Go to the Destination Page Module, and click + From Library.

​2. To use a completed Instant Page, select an Instant Page where the status is "Ready" and click Confirm.

​3. To continue working on a saved draft, hover your mouse over an Instant Page where the status is Draft and click Edit.

​4. To copy a completed Instant Page, hover your mouse over an Instant Page where the status is set to Ready and click Copy. The Instant Page Builder will open, and you can rename the Instant Page and edit or adjust any of the components.

Step 5: Add Pixel to track down-funnel events

After you set up your Instant Page, you can add a Pixel to your ad, which will let you track and attribute events that occur on your website back to your ad. To do this:

1. Locate the Tracking > TikTok events tracking module on the ad creation page.

2. ​Select a Pixel from the Website events drop-down menu. Or click the add page icon to create a new one.

3. Repeat this process for each ad within the ad group where you want to attribute website conversion events.

  • Note: If you select "Website conversions" as your objective, you will need to add a Pixel at the Ad Group level.

4. After you have added Instant Page to your ad, finish creating your ads, and click Submit to publish your campaign.