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Customer File
You can use your own customer file to create your Custom Audience. After your customer file is uploaded and matched, the customers who overlap with our app users will be filtered out and formed into a Custom Audience.

Follow the steps below on how to create a custom audience using your customer file:
  1. Go to Audience.
  1. Click on "Create Audience", choose "Custom Audience" and select "Customer File".


  1. Choose Your File Type
    • IDFA/GAID Original Value
    • IDFA/GAID - MD5 Encrypted
    • IDFA/GAID - SHA256 Encrypted
  1. Upload File:
    • Needs to be in .csv or .txt format.  Zip format is not supported. The uploaded content needs to be IDFA or GAID, each piece of data should be on a separate line.
    • File Preview: Preview the content of your uploaded csv or txt file. 1000 random pieces of data from your file will be shown for preview.
  1. Name your audience
  1. Click "Confirm" to create an audience.
  1. Apply "available" audience into your ad group.


  • You must agree with the Custom Audience Terms when you first use the Custom Audience function.
  • .csv and .txt file sizes should not be larger than 1 GB. 
  • Zip file is not supported.
  • MD5 encryption and SHA256 encryption is supported.  The content of the file before encryption needs to be in all uppercase or lowercase.
  • IDFA and GAID can be combined in the same file, but you should keep the capitalization consistent.
  • If your campaign objective is about apps, we recommend using a custom audience to contain only IDFA or only GAID so that you can choose the operation system accordingly when setting up the campaign and avoid unnecessary data loss.
  • Your IDFA and GAID data should be from the same geographical location where your ad is targeting (for example, if you want to advertise in Japan, both types of data should come from Japan). This way, your data can make most of its value and avoid data loss when delivering.
  • Custom Audience created with Customer File do not auto refresh. You must add new IDFA/GAID in the existing Customer File Audience or create a new audience with your data.