Customer File
Last updated, February 2024

On TikTok Ads Manager, you can upload a Customer File to create a Custom Audience. This audience can consist of users that are leads or customers. Once uploaded, TikTok will look for users within our ecosystem that match the IDs on the uploaded file. Once matched, a custom audience will be generated and your uploaded file will be promptly deleted.

Note: It can take 24-48 hours for the custom audience to generate after the upload.

Customer File custom audiences can be used in campaigns to retarget users to promote products or services, or to optimize ad spend by excluding recent conversions. You could also create a lookalike of this custom audience to create prospecting campaigns to grow your business. In each of these cases, Customer File custom audiences are used to tailor your campaign targeting helping you to achieve your business goals.

Before you begin

  • Prepare your Customer File by verifying that it contains one of the supported IDs (more info below).

  • Please prepare the file as per the 'ID formatting requirements' in the table below

  • File format is in .csv or .txt

    • .zip file is not supported

  • File size is less than 1GB

  • If your file contains a single type of ID, please prepare your file with one line per ID.

  • If your file contains multiple types of supported IDs, please follow the format below.












































Download the Customer File example template below.

Supported IDs and formats


Accepted Formats

Required Header description

ID formatting requirements

Mobile Advertiser IDs (MAIDs):

- Apple IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers)

- GAID (Google Advertising ID)

Original value, MD5 Hashed, or SHA256 Hashed


- All characters must be uppercase or lowercase

- Character capitalization must be consistent


Original value or SHA256 Hashed

Phone or Phone_SHA256

- E.164 format only

- “+” & Country Code & Phone Number, no space

- For example, +442071838750, +551155256


Original value or SHA256 Hashed

Email or Email_SHA256

- Lowercase only

- ID should start with numbers or letters

- Example:

- Remove '+' and any characters following the '+' symbol until '@'. (example below)

- Remove all possible '.' within the username before '@'. (example below)


  1. If you provide unhashed or original values, your file will be hashed automatically.

  2. Before hashing, the contents of your file need to contain consistent capitalization – either all uppercase or all lowercase.

  3. IDFA and GAID data can be combined in the same file, with each entry on a separate line.

  4. For a file with multiple IDs, each header can appear a maximum of 3 times in one file as displayed in the template above.

Steps to upload Customer File

  1. From TikTok Ads Manager, go to Tools, and select Audience Manager.

  2. Click Create Audience, choose Custom Audience, and select Customer File.

  3. Choose your File Type from:

    • Multiple IDs

    • IDFA/GAID - Original (unhashed) value

    • IDFA/GAID - MD5 Hashed

    • IDFA/GAID - SHA256 Hashed

    • Phone Number - Original value

    • Phone Number - SHA256 Hashed

    • Email - Original value

    • Email - SHA256 Hashed

  4. Upload your Customer File and preview it.

  5. Name your audience

  6. Click Confirm.

Your Customer File custom audience will be available for use within 24-48 hours.


  • A minimum matched audience size of 1,000 is required to target Custom Audiences in an ad group.

  • You can have up to 400 custom audiences at a time within the account.