Account Setup FAQs

Add Account Basics

What information do I need to set up my account?

To set up your account, you will need the following information:

  • ​Company Website

  • ​Currency

  • ​Time Zone

  • ​Account Name

  • ​Contact Name

  • ​Email Address

Depending on your account, you may also be required to provide the following:

  • ​Industry

  • ​Street Address

  • ​State/Province

  • ​Postal code

  • ​Business Verification (Optional)

Note: Please make sure the account information is correct. You can NOT edit the timezone, region, business name, and currency of your ad account that has been created.

What can I do if I get a timeout error when creating my account?

Check your internet connection and try reloading/refreshing the page. You can also try using a different web browser, clearing your browser cache and other browsing data, or opening your browser in incognito/private mode. Lastly, try resetting the TikTok Ads Manager cache. Log in to your Ads Manager account and add &reset_cache=1 to the end of the URL.

How do I change my account email and password?

  1. ​Click the avatar icon in the top right corner and select User Setting from the drop-down menu.

  2. ​Under Personal Info, you can edit your email or password.

For more details, see how to manage your settings.

Where can I find my account, contact, and payment information?

You can find this information under your Account Settings.

  • For account and contact information, click the avatar icon in the top right corner and select Account Info from the drop-down menu. You can view or edit your account and contact information here.

  • For payment information, click the avatar icon in the top right corner and select Payment from the drop-down menu. Here you can view and manage your payment information.

Why did my account verification fail?

Your verification could have failed due to the following reasons:

  • ​Your business ID verification failed.

  • ​You didn’t enter the full company name, or the company name is not consistent with the other business information.

  • ​The company phone number is not consistent with the other business information.

  • ​The name of the legal representative is not consistent with the other business information.

  • ​Your business certificate has not been verified.

What do I do if I don't receive the verification code?

If you did not receive your verification code email, try the following steps to ensure proper delivery:

  1. ​Ensure email is correct: Please check the email address you entered is the same one you registered with on TikTok Ads Manager.

  2. ​Search all folders: Double check all email tabs including Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, as some providers automatically categorize emails. Check your other folders such as Spam, Junk, Trash, Deleted Items, or Archive. You can also try searching using the term "TikTok Ads Manager", "TikTok For Business", or "TikTok Ads".

  3. ​Use an alternative email: If you still haven't received the code after trying the above steps, please try using another email address.

Can I sign up for an ad account in my country?

We are regularly opening up TikTok Ads Manager to new markets. See "Placements and Available Locations" for more information.

Company Website

Can I add a link to my TikTok account in an ad?

No. Ads can only drive traffic to a functional landing page where you host your product, content, or service; or an app download page on the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Can I create an ad account without a website?

Per our advertiser policies, we can only approve a TikTok For Business account if there is an official website. Once you can update your account information with the URL of your official website, save the update to your Business Information section of your Ad Account, and we will review your account.

What happens if I update the URL of my business's website?

If you have changed the URL of your company's website, you should update it on your Account Setup page. Once you update this information, it will trigger a new account review.

What are the Landing Page requirements?

Some of the landing page requirements include that your landing page:

  • ​Clearly promotes a product, service, or brand.

  • ​Complies with local policies regarding payment, privacy, and refunds.

  • ​Does not point to a third-party site (like eBay, Alibaba, or Amazon), personal website, or un-verified social media account.

See "TikTok Advertising Policies - Ad Creatives & Landing Page" for more information.

Business Verification

How do I set up 2-Step Verification for my TikTok For Business account?

You can enable 2-step verification directly from your TikTok For Business User Settings page. Currently, there are three methods to enable two-step verification:

  • ​By text message

  • ​By email

  • ​By authenticator app

See "About Two-Step Verification" for more information.

Where do I enter the ad authorization code?

To enter an ad authorization code, go to Assets, click Creative, and select Spark Ads Posts. Then click Apply for Authorization and enter the ad authorization code into the search bar.

See "Spark Ads" for more information.