How to Create a TikTok Ads Manager Account
Last updated, June 2023

Note: These instructions are for self-serve customers. If you are not a self-serve customer, please contact your client service team or account manager.

TikTok Ads Manager is the one-stop shop for running and managing paid ad campaigns on TikTok. It gives you all the features you need to launch effective ads, drive conversions, and measure performance. It's affordable and easy to use.

This article provides step-by-step instructions to create your TikTok Ads Manager account, from account registration to account setup and approval.

1. Create a login

Step 1: Create a login GIF
  1. Go to to start the process.

  2. Create a login using an email address or phone number and set a password. These are your login credentials. You will need to use them to access your TikTok Ads Manager account.

  3. After you agree to the TikTok terms & conditions and click Sign up, you will be asked to verify a code sent to the email or phone number provided.

2. Create an advertiser account

Step 2: Create an advertiser account - Image

Provide basic information about your business, including the following:

  • Country or Region - We give you the best experience based on your local regulations and requirements.

  • Industry - We'll give you more relevant and effective advertising tips.

  • Legal Business Name - We use this to verify your business for legal and billing purposes. If your "Business Name" does not match the actual name of your business, your account will be disapproved and it may be harder to access other TikTok for Business tools.

  • Time Zone - We sync your campaign reporting and scheduling to match your time zone. It may be hard to change this later.

  • Phone Number - We contact you at this number to provide you with information on how to optimize your ads.

  • Currency - We bill you and display budgets based on this.

Agree to the terms and click Register.

Note: Depending on where you've registered your account, you may have the option to submit documents to verify your business identity. To learn more, refer to About Business Verification.

3. Set up billing information

Step 3 Set up billing information - GIF
  • Provide info related to billing and payment on this page.

  • Your country's requirements will determine the exact information needed, it may include your billing address and tax information.

  • You may be given the option to select Automatic (Autopay) or Manual (Prepay) payment types. Check which payment methods are supported in your region here to learn more.

Note: Your ad account will be automatically submitted for approval after you complete steps 1-3. Your ads will not run until your account is approved, but you will be able to build campaigns on Ads Manager. Most account reviews take less than 24 hours. You can check your account approval status under Account Settings, then Account Info. To learn more, refer to Account Approval FAQs .

4. Build your first campaign

Step 4 Build your first campaign - Image

Choose a mode that works best for your campaign creation needs:

  • Advertisers who are new to running online ads or who are looking for immediate campaign creation may find the Simplified Mode a good fit.

  • Advertisers who want more advanced options and control in campaign creation may find Custom Mode a good fit.

Follow the steps in the mode that you selected to create your first campaign.

5. Submit your first ad and finish payment

Step 5.1 Submit your first ad and finish payment - Image
Step 5.2 Submit your first ad and finish payment
  • After you submit your first campaign, Ads Manager will check your billing and payment information. It may prompt you to confirm the details and add a payment or balance to your account.

  • To ensure a safe and user-friendly environment, we will review your ad before it goes live. For more information on ad reviews, refer to Ad Review FAQs.

6. Celebrate

Step 6 Congrats image

Congratulations on setting up your TikTok Ads Manager account and running your first paid campaign!

Note: To create a safe experience for our users, and comply with local regulations, please know that there are several industries and products that cannot be promoted using TikTok Ads Manager. For a complete list of the prohibited products and services in each market, see TikTok Advertising Policies - Industry Entry.